YouTube Sensation – Simons Cat

Simons Cat

158,276,853 Million Views So Far!

This particular Youtube series has taken the internet by storm. Combining two of the internets favourite things: Cats and Animation.

Quiet easily the most popular show ever where the main character is a cat. The show amasses millions of view each episode and has had a total of 158,276,853 upload views to date.

If you haven’t watched Simons Cat before then be sure to join the millions of people who enjoy the show.


Simon’s Cat is a charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with Simon. I know theres not much to it but this is a great Youtube show, Enjoy the latest episode “Cat and Mouse”


David Lewandowski Animation “Going to the Store”

David Lewandowski Animation “Going to the Store”

Animator David Lewandowski has release an animation via his Youtube channel and it has currently had 2 million views. You can’t really summarise this video, in fact all David Lewandowski wants you to know is “normal guy normal walk”…. Enjoy

Tomska Internet Superstar – “AsdfMovie”

Tomska “AsdfMovie”

Internet sensation Tomska has decided to create another AsdfMovie. Its not surprising considering his other AsdfMovies have amassed Millions of views on Youtube.

AsdfMovie4 was animated by Ben “Wonchop” Smallman and a few well-known (being modest) Youtubers leant their Voices Acting talents to this hit video including Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson and Edd “Eddsworld” Gould

Enjoy AsdfMovie 4

Find Out What Happens When Mario Loses a Life

Mario has no more 1ups

You’ve played the game and I bet you’ve been a victim of the pits and the fire spitting plant in the tube. Take a moment and think what happens when you Mario dies?

Mario’s Death

Bless this sentimental video web comic by Brawl In The Family entitled “If It Takes A Lifetime”, which shows the chronicles in the life of Mario.  Ever wondered what happens every time he looses a life? Well check out the video and try not to shed a tear. Extra Feature: Enjoy the song by itself, as well as a montage of panels from the comic.

Sick Animations C’mon Scoob – So dam Funny

Sick Animations Presents

C’mon Scoob

Sick Animations

Who are Sick Animations? Are You Serious? Well we didn’t know who they where either, until we found them on Newgrounds. Sick Animation have been around for years (since 2006 on Youtube), unfortunately we have only just found them.

The Animation Is Bad

The animation is terrible, but in a good way (think South Park). What makes the shorts tick is the Scripting and Voice Acting, they are superb, not to mention the musical numbers.

When you first see the animation your first reaction will be to stop the video, but Don’t. Soon you’ll be laughing your head off. We urge you to check Sick Animation out, not convinced? Just watch Their newest animation

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Animator Scott Falco Parodies Pokemon

Animator Scott Falco Parodies Pokemon

Scott Falco

Scott Falco is 19 years old Flash Designer.You can find his profile on DeviantArt

YouTube Success

Despite the fact he’s not even 20 Scott has managed to get nearly 2 million upload views on Youtube. Despite his success, we didn’t find him via his Youtube achievements, I stumbled across him on Newgrounds where he was featured in “Todays Best” in Funny animations.

With talent and skill at creating shorts that users like we recommend that you keep track of Scotts work, especially if you like funny animations.

Pokemon Rare Candy

This is the short that won us over, Oh rare candy you are so tempting

What Do You Make of Scotts Pokemon Parody? Comment Below and Give Scott Your FeedBack

YouTube Copyright School Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends and Youtube

Google and YouTube have enlisted Mondo Medias popular Show “Happy Tree Friends” to help in teaching users about copyright. The following “YouTube Copyright School” video has become mandatory watch for any user who uploads copyrighted material:

Ban for Life

Infringers will be given 2 more chances to avoid copyright infringement before having their accounts banned for life


The Youtube community doesn’t seem to be taking this video or news very well, the video currently has over 200,000 views with nearly 4,900 Dislikes compared to 900 likes. Will the Youtube community see this as Mondo Media Selling out? Will they face a backlash from their own fans?

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