Family Guy’s Back with New Kidney in Town.

Energy Drink, Drank, Drunk

I know you’ve all enjoyed you’re Christmas festive time. You ate, you drank until you was merry.
Then comes the New Year. You ate, you drank until you was drunk.
Know back to reality and getting up for work becomes a hard task so crack open a can of some energy drink. What happens when you loving the taste and can’t get enough of it.

Well Peter is about to find out. In the new episode of Family Guy airing January 9th. Peter needs a new kidney after his energy-drink addiction causes renal failure. Meanwhile, Chris is chosen to introduce United States President Barack Obama at his school after winning an essay contest. Only thing is, Meg actually wrote the essay.

Here are some teasing images.


The 7 Genres You should Know for Animation Scriptwriting

There are seven cartoon genres which can cross over to add different elements to the animation you are writing for. It is best to examine the overall structure and tone that is consistent within the show to find out the genre it is. From this you can identify what works within it and help you in your animation scriptwriting.

These are the seven major type of genres in animation.

1. Action

Action means action. The script will have action scenes embedded in, each sequence building up the story to the climax of more action.

Unfortunately you can’t stop the story line for gags. The only place that you will be able to get the humor in is within the dialogue. You must stay within the plot of action throwing obstacles are your character.

  • Dragonball Z and Batman are fine examples.

2. Comedy- Action

Comedy Action mixes the action with witty dialogue and gag humor. A gag is simply a quip. You know those remarks that get laughs.

Larry: Sort of like what I do most the time.

Yes but it’s funny. In this genre you ca have gags and other types of humor.

  • They usually appeal to the younger audiences and so the humor must play to the age which is usually around six to ten year olds.

3. Character

Character cartoons are those where the main story plot is based all around  the character. The themes of the story comes from characters and their relationships making it an emotional storyline.

The audience is then intrigued and wants to watch what how the character and story unfold. This cartoon genre will have some sort of moral story or lesson within the plot.

  • This genre applies mostly to the six and under audience and also apply to the girls rather than the boys. Rugrats and The Little Mermaid fit this.

4. Fantasy

Here the characters daydream or fantasize most of the time. These imaginative sequences are shown to the audience. The rely a lot on the element of fantasy to help tell the story. They tend again to relate to the younger audiences.

  • This genre includes shows such as Doug and Pepper Ann

5. Gags

Animated Comedy thrives in this genre. It’s all about gags, gags and topper gags. Nearly every cartoon made by Warner Bros incorporates this genre style. Ir relies on the visual impact and timing.

  • It captures the six to twelve range but is appreciated by any age. Looney Toons and Courage the Cowardly Dog portray the stylistic writing.

6. Sitcom

These shows are half an hour long which play close to live action prime time series and are structured in the same way. The stories derive from real life situations or experiences that a family might go through.

  • Family Guy, The Simpsons are the biggest force in the field of animated comedy sitcom.

7. Spoof

Well known characters are made fun off in a good natured way. A famous person or character is parodied such as Inspector Gadget spoofs Don Adam’s detective character. Johnny Bravo is Elvis and Mighty Mouse pokes fun at super heroes. The key to the humor here is for the characters to be funny versions of their well known counterparts.

What genre suits.

When writing, it’s best to choose a style that suits your own style. If gags are your speciality then produce a script that focuses on that. Which will show your talents as a writer. Combining the two may show some interesting results. What ever you choose enjoy it and study the shows in the genre to see what works.

Best List of Animation Scripts ever.

Ed: We’ve compiled a list of Scripts for Animation ranging from TV Series to Feature Length.
Larry: Reading through will help you by seeing what works.

By: Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz
Host Site: The Daily Script

By: Dalton Reymond, Morton Grant & Maurice Rapf
Host Site: The Daily Script

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