Upcoming Pixar films Go into the Prehistoric and Your Mind

What if an asteroid didn’t wipe out the dinosaurs?

Pixar have gone to the depths of the sea  Finding Nemo, UP into space with Wall – E and now will put more Monster’s Inc to paper with the unveiling with two new feature films in the works.

Disney/Pixar announces their upcoming films after Brave: a dinosaur movie directed by Pete Docter and a trip inside the human mind from Bob Peterson.

D23 Exposed new films

During the D23 Expo,  the two films that are to be released in 2013 and 2014 will sure want to hit the ground “running” after Cars 2 was their second least grossing film in their 25 year history.

Prehistoric and Mind Blowing

Bob Peterson a writer for “Finding Nemo” and co-director of “Up,” posed the question : What if an asteroid didn’t wipe out the dinosaurs?

Picture Ice Age but with the Pixar twist set to hit theaters Nov. 27, 2013.

Meanwhile Pete Docter director of “Monsters, Inc.” and “Up,” thinks to himself (…). I bet you want to know what he was thinking, well you the chance with the second feature film in the line up. The world inside the human mind is the latest territory Pixar will explore in the new film hitting theaters May 30, 2014.

Don’t forget

Pixar still has “Brave,” which hits theaters in June 2012 and the “Monsters, Inc” prequel “Monsters University” that follows in June of 2013.

Lot’s in store – speaking of stores. There’s also the new “Toy Story” short. “Small Fry,” featuring the character Buzz Lightyear, will premiere before “The Muppets” movies.



The House From UP! Exist in real life and it actually flies UP!

The people from National Geographic have built a house inspired by the Pixar movie Up!

This is incredible. Everyone has had those childhood memories of wanting to be their favorite superhero but to get the chance to live out a great animation film is crazy.

National Geographic TV Series

The 16 by 16 house, well it’s not really a house I mean it doesn’t have your central heating system, running water or electricity but it’s shaped like a house, it looks like a house so it must be a house. Powered by 300 helium filled balloons it actually takes off but it begs to wonder what you would do if you were that UP high and nature calls. The house that was  inspired by the animated comedy feature UP! is part of a New TV series entitled How Hard Can It Be.

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