SuperHero Sex Moves To The Rescue

Super Heroes do it too

When the idea for came to mind, I didn’t think I’d have to take it this far to keep you ‘Tooned in’ with the life of cartoon characters!

Fred Flintstone made her bedrock using these Moves

So when Wolverine, Batman and Captain Planet are not risking their lives saving the world from evil, they take some down time.

College Humor show us the Special moves the SuperHero’s use when getting down and dirty. Alternatively you can take some advice from Ash Ketchum from Pokemon – Though, Why you would want the advice of a 10-year old boy is beyond me

If you’re interested in knowing more moves to show your spouse not saying you need but just throwing it out there. College Humor have more on Internet Sex Moves .


Top 10: Rise of the Planet of the Cartoon Apes

Top 10 Cartoon Apes to rule the Planet

Time to make like a banana and leave

Here’s some food for thought. You have a range of Monkeys ranging from Orangutans to Gorillas raging through the city, but normal monkeys are not the ones to be afraid of – it’s the Cartoon Monkeys that cause all the trouble! list the Top Ten Cartoon Monkeys that would rise and rebel to create the Planet of the Cartoon Apes.


Rafiki is a mandrill hybrid who serves as an advisor to the Lion King. Since Ahadj ruled the Pridelands, Rafiki served as an advisor to Mufasa and even Scar so he is not to be taken lightly.

Coming up against a human, who knows what sort of magic he would use against you.

9.Evil Monkey

The name says it all. Chris Griffin has lived in fear for countless seasons while being tormented. The monkeys have it all planed out, while you run home in fear and lock the door behind you – run under your covers you think you’re in the clear. But lurking in that closet is the Evil Monkey waiting to pounce.

They only lucky thing for you is that the Evil Monkey was killed by the Evil Stewie Griffin, but I’m sure he’s still in their waiting for you to drop your guard.

8.Mr Teeny

Side kick of the famous Krusty the Clown  from The Simpson’s, I can honestly say it looks like he will drop dead at any time. He’s accustomed to the fast life with chain-smoking and booze binges a staple of his partying diet. I don’t know how monkey’s age but he’s not got long left; exactly why you should fear him all the more.

A man who has nothing to lose is unbeatable, a monkey that has nothing to lose , well just run!! Good luck with that, he has skates on too.

7.Stoopid Monkey

You may not recognize this monkey but it’s the logo behind the stop motion comedy Robot Chicken. Just because it’s called Stoopid Monkey doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to get you. Remember the Rise of the Planet of the Apes erupted into a riot because a monkey was called Stoopid constantly.

Not to mention the fact that most of Robot Chickens humor comes from shock value violence, what does that tell you about the Stoopid Monkey now?

6.Donkey Kong

First of, do you know how strong a Gorilla is? Not to give you a science lesson but an adult gorilla’s upper body strength is six times more powerful than an adult human. Meaning Donkey Kong is packing some serious bone breaking muscles.

Don’t forget that he’s use to chasing Mario all over the place, getting on the bad side of Donkey Kong will result in more than bananas being split.


By the time you’ve flipped out the Pokedex to see what’s coming at you, it would have been too late.

This Pokemon is known for going berserk – Good luck trying to capture him with a pokeball! Throwing a ball at it would probably make it angrier. I’m pretty sure that it would riot in the streets without the other rebellious apes.

4.Mojo JoJo

Stop now if you’re thinking- he gets beaten up by three schoolgirls constantly because I’m sure many would be beaten up by anyone who uses chemical X.

Mojo Jojo is hardcore evil. With he’s intelligence, the mad scientist simian will launch great war tactics that will rival even the greatest in the human armed forces.

3.Super Monkey

Now if this isn’t Caesar twin I don’t know who is. Super Monkey is Dexter’s caged monkey, who often gets experimented on in Dexter’s Laboratory. Sound familiar? Caesar wants to over throw the world, while Monkey works for a secret global agency but if you get on the wrong side of the flying, super strength, laser shooting monkey all hell will break loose.

2 + 1 Goku and Vegeta

Goku and Vegata!! Goku AND Vegeta. Why the need to say it twice – well there’s two of them!! These two wild monkeys are Saiyans, a monkey type race that are born for ruthless battles.

If they are not scouting the universe taking over planets with high speed punches and kicks- equipped with the ability to shoot concentrated atom bomb energy beams out of the hands, they are in the gym working out at 100 times the earth’s gravity. All of this in stage one of their transformations. The Goku and Vegeta you see now are at Super Saiyan 4.

If you still can’t imagine the force they bring it’s rumoured that Goku alone could defeat Superman!

What Can Be Done to Save Us?

Read over at Dead Homer’s Society for a great Readers Digest Edition entitled Getting Off the Planet of the Apes. If you’re thinking to yourself – “This is my planet I aint going nowhere!” Then I would tell you two things; one you just said a double negative and two call this man to help you.

Troy Mclure

Pokemon: My Captain America evolved into a Wartortle

Poki-Marvel WarTortle

I guess that’s why he is called the Wartortle. He’s not a Squirtle anymore. You could say it’s what Steve Rogers would look like if he was a Poke-man

Art by: AdrAlves

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Pokemon Chat Up Lines That Are Sure to Get the Ladies

PokeSex and PokeDating tips

Rash- Sorry Ash Ketchum made me chuckle with this image of one of his best chat up lines. I’m not sure I would use this line…again, as it failed miserably but Ash seems to have Misty so who know you guys can try it out.

Check out Dorkly for more Pokemon Chat up lines.

Brock and Officer Jenny Official Facebook Couple

Dorkly: Brock is in a relationship with Officer Jenny

Everyone knows that when you put it on facebook it’s just as law binding as a ring on the finger and this is no joke. Brock has tried to get with every officer Jenny there is and he has finally done it.

This is the biggest couple getting together- yes that includes the Royal Wedding that South Park mocked in the episode Royal Pudding. Even Kate Middleton had her twitter presence but it has nothing on Brock.


Now it’s time for Ash to release he can’t make it as a Pokemon Master and get with Misty!

Pokemon Dream World Made a Reality

Things I didn’t notice about Pokemon

Nintendo’s 2011 Pokemon World Championship Tournament

I was over at ToonBarn reading up on the Pokemon World Champs and was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of serious players going for the actual title that Ash Ketchum has yet to accomplish of being a Pokemon Master and was taken back to the past.

Players come together and pit themselves against one another with their Pokemon in an all out tournament. It was something I dreamed about when I played on the Gameboy Pocket but never had the chance to do. I felt even some what betrayed at the new Pokemon that exist today. Again I was taken back.

Back to the days where I played the first Gen of Pokemon. Blue and Red not Fire Red, just Red and I’m actually astonished at the combinations of Pokemon you can get now. It was once a water type, grass type and the occasional combinations but nothing of the sort today in Pokemon Black and White. I’m sure there were lethal mixes such as water and fire type- okay that’s deeply exaggerated but it goes to show what kind of battle they can have.

Pokemon Dreams

Now on the newest generation which introduces the Pokemon Dream World, which allows players to send a Pokémon to the internet to obtain items and meet other Pokémon. This was what I dreamed off. Digimon had the idea when they were sent into the digital world and I’d always hoped Pokemon would have that capability.

Personally I wouldn’t dare enter the championship or yet the  dream world and pit my skills to the test, between you and me I was what you would call a druggie- No I didn’t do drugs but my Pokemon were so pumped up with rare candy that their sugar levels would make even Mr. Wonker himself gasp.

Come to think about it my biggest battles now are Facebook while trying to write a blog post and even the sneaky tweet here and there. This video shows my day to day Pokemon Style Battle troubles let alone having my Pokemon in the red with 12 HP left and no Super Potions to boast.

Things I didn’t notice.

Take a deep breath, it’s just a game. Who am I kidding it’s a childhood, Pokemon served me well but there are something I just didn’t notice like-

How did they fit in the balls?

Sure if it was an Electrode , even a Graveller it would be fine but squeezing a Rhyhorn in there, no way.

Why Couldn’t All Pokemon With Wings Fly?

Scyther , I’m sure those things are classified as wings, yet it wasn’t possible. If you wanted to get technical about it then how in the world is a Pidgey supporting all that weight.

Battles on the water

Okay they should make a rule of water Pokemon only or at least Pokemon who know how to use surf. The Comic explains why.

Pokemon Dreams become a reality

Pokemon was surely a game that I cannot forget and a series that will not be lost in memory but my time with it was long dusted away after Gold and Silver. With all the new features coming out , someone out there right now is probably dreaming of things Pokemon Black and White could do but can’t and they soon will be writing a post on how much it’s moved on. Let’s be honest the Pokemon empire is not going to fall short any time soon so any Pokemon Dream can be made a Reality.

Maybe you have what it takes details of Nintendo’s 2011 Pokemon World Championship Tournament at ToonBarn.

Good Luck!

Ash’s Best Pokemon Battle – Student vs Homework

‘I want to be the very best…I got to a degree first.’

What does it take to be a Pokemon master? Is it skill? Is it to train all day long? You need to study actually. What happens if your dream of being a master doesn’t work out you got to have a back up plan right?

Well getting your homework done is the first step and mind you, it’s not going to be easy. This animated short by The Murphness shows you how.

Hope you didnt’ see this link on facebook while you was doing your homework!


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