Sick Animations C’mon Scoob – So dam Funny

Sick Animations Presents

C’mon Scoob

Sick Animations

Who are Sick Animations? Are You Serious? Well we didn’t know who they where either, until we found them on Newgrounds. Sick Animation have been around for years (since 2006 on Youtube), unfortunately we have only just found them.

The Animation Is Bad

The animation is terrible, but in a good way (think South Park). What makes the shorts tick is the Scripting and Voice Acting, they are superb, not to mention the musical numbers.

When you first see the animation your first reaction will be to stop the video, but Don’t. Soon you’ll be laughing your head off. We urge you to check Sick Animation out, not convinced? Just watch Their newest animation

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Animator Scott Falco Parodies Pokemon

Animator Scott Falco Parodies Pokemon

Scott Falco

Scott Falco is 19 years old Flash Designer.You can find his profile on DeviantArt

YouTube Success

Despite the fact he’s not even 20 Scott has managed to get nearly 2 million upload views on Youtube. Despite his success, we didn’t find him via his Youtube achievements, I stumbled across him on Newgrounds where he was featured in “Todays Best” in Funny animations.

With talent and skill at creating shorts that users like we recommend that you keep track of Scotts work, especially if you like funny animations.

Pokemon Rare Candy

This is the short that won us over, Oh rare candy you are so tempting

What Do You Make of Scotts Pokemon Parody? Comment Below and Give Scott Your FeedBack

See why Iron Man is a Pervert in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 banned commerical

“Marvel Vs Capcom ME !!”

Game Time

We all know Tony Stark gets any woman he wants and why not he is billionaire by day and billionaire flying a Iron Man Suit at night, well day too sometimes but things can get a little bit out of hand.

See in this animated short by Johnny Yutah and you’ll realise just how much Iron man loves his women.

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