Quagmire’s Inferno: Best Quagmire Quote

Myspace heard it from the horses mouth

Glen Quagmire is neighbor that you hope to never have. From the quotes that border on curiosity to those that just make you question how he passed Megan’s Law, Quagmire is one dirty old man. You thought Dante’s Inferno was bad, wait until you step into the depths of hell that are Quagmire’s Inferno. Let’s face it though, Family Guy would not be the same without him!


Family Guy’s Brian Griffin Hijacks Myspace with his Top 10 Favorite Movies

Family Guy take over Myspace.

It seems after Peter Griffin’s interview feature in Men’s Health Magazine that wasn’t enough for The Griffin’s. Family Guy hijacks Myspace with plenty of features to keep you occupied. A whole page dedicated to one of the most famous animated comedy families to hit our screens is all over our screens -again but on the web.

Brian Griffin’s Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time

Brian Griffin is a dog. A dog with very refined tastes and encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture. So it’s natural that Brian would have strong opinions on the greatest movies of all time, even if the list is a bit eclectic.

Check it out:

I would have expected All Dogs go to Heaven or at least the classic Lady and the Tramp but there’s no animations in the list so I guess it’s live action only. Brian can be let off.

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