Dick Figures – Bath Rhymes (Official Music Video)

Dick Figures – “Bath Rhymes” Official Music Video

Mondo Medias Dick Figures have gone from strength to strength during their 2 seasons, capturing many fans along the way.

For the final episode in season 2 Fans were given the chance to help create the final episode of Dick Figures and help create a music video,. Viewers were asked to submit their own Red and Blue animations for a chance for them to be featured in the music video.

Several hundred animations where submitted and compiled together to give us the greatest Animated Music Video of all time! Well maybe that’s an exaggeration, instead just sit back, relax and turn up that bass.



Cheeseburger – Superjail Theme Comin’ home

Cheeseburger The Party band

Cheeseburger – Superjail Theme “Comin’ home”

Rocking party Band Cheeseburger are perhaps best known for performing the theme song for the Adult Swim television show “Superjail!“, “Comin’ Home”

Cheeseburger Releases

Cheeseburger are currently signed to Adult swim label Williams street records. On June 10th 2005, Cheeseburger’s released the 6 song EP “Gang’s All Here” on Kemado Records. Their first album, the self-titled “Cheeseburger” was released in 2007.

New Album “Another Big Night Down The Drain”

In March 2011, the band announced it would be releasing its sophmore album Another Big Night Down The Drain on May 3rd of that year from Williams Street Records, Adult Swim’s independent music label.[5] Original band members Bradley, Crotty and Karacas are now joined by Jayson Green (vocals), Christian Gordy (bass) and Eric Dufresne (guitar) on the release

Work in Video Games and Movies

Along with performing the theme song for Superjail!, Cheeseburger is also well-known for their work on video games and movies. Their song “Cocaine” is on the Radio Broker station in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV and their song “Derby Day” was included in the closing credits of the movie Step Brothers

Exculsive Interview with Cheeseburger coming this May – where Cheeseburger members talk about Music, Wild nights out and Superjail

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