Dick Figures Returns – Season 3 Trailer

Mondo Media – Dick Figures

Dick Figures Is Back!

The all conquering Dick Figures returns with Season 3 and it sure to be a smash hit. Dick Figures  is now official Youtubes most watched Animated Series racking up an impressive 10 million views in the month of August alone.

With season 3 just around the corner you can expect Dick Figures to continue onwards and upwards and become the biggest thing on the internet since Happy Tree Friends

Mondo Media have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Season:

Prepare your face for melting! Dick Figures returns with the 1st of 10 all-new episodes on Thursday, September 22nd!


Dick Figures Now Number 1 Toon on YouTube

Dick Figures Reaches Number 1

Mondo Medias original online series Dick Figures has become the number 1 Animated Show on YouTube, having generated 10 million views in the month of August.

Written, directed and voiced by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, the series follows two dysfunctional stick figure friends and the hilarious escapades caused most often by their poor decisions

Season 3

Season 2 has just come to an end with the epic music video created by fans of the show. Season 3 is due to kick off September 22nd.

John Evershed, CEO of Mondo Media had this to say about the series:

“A new TV episode of South Park typically attracts 3 million U.S. viewers … Dick Figures is already doing 10 million views per month (worldwide) and it on a trajectory that will surpass our first hit online series, Happy Tree Friends

We’re Cops

Check out “We’re Cops” from Season 2 of Dick Figures

Dick Figures – Bath Rhymes (Official Music Video)

Dick Figures – “Bath Rhymes” Official Music Video

Mondo Medias Dick Figures have gone from strength to strength during their 2 seasons, capturing many fans along the way.

For the final episode in season 2 Fans were given the chance to help create the final episode of Dick Figures and help create a music video,. Viewers were asked to submit their own Red and Blue animations for a chance for them to be featured in the music video.

Several hundred animations where submitted and compiled together to give us the greatest Animated Music Video of all time! Well maybe that’s an exaggeration, instead just sit back, relax and turn up that bass.


New “Destructo Box” Episode – ‘Glotion Sickness’

Destructo Box – Glotion Sickness

Crazy Good

We bring you this long-awaited update on Mondo Medias Web series ‘Destructo Box’ after an e-mail from StayToonedin.com Fan ‘Aaron’. He told us the newest Destructo Box episodes have got “Crazy Good”, well if that’s true we better get our act together and bring you guys more of their videos.

Here’s our first update on the series for a few months.

Epsidoe 15 is called Glotion Sickness, Enjoy


If you can’t wait for the next episode in the series then check out the rest of the Destructo Box Series on their You Tube account

Dick Figures We’re Cops

Mondo Media Presents Dick Figures


Season 2 of Dick Figures is nearly at an end, but don’t fear we still have 2 more episodes to go.

Dick Figures & Indiana Jones

Mondo Medias Dick Figures Pays Homage to Indiana Jones

In Episode 18 of “Dick Figures” titled “Sex Marks the Spot” Movie franchise Indiana Jones, in particular “Raiders” is paid homage to

Episode Summary

Red pulls a map from the magical Porcelain Throne, as he and Blue become the Raiders of the Lost Fart.

Dick Figures – Y U So Meme?

Dick Figures – Y U So Meme?

Mondo Media’s Dick Figures has released another cool Episode titled “Y U So Meme?”

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