Find Out What Happens When Mario Loses a Life

Mario has no more 1ups

You’ve played the game and I bet you’ve been a victim of the pits and the fire spitting plant in the tube. Take a moment and think what happens when you Mario dies?

Mario’s Death

Bless this sentimental video web comic by Brawl In The Family entitled “If It Takes A Lifetime”, which shows the chronicles in the life of Mario.  Ever wondered what happens every time he looses a life? Well check out the video and try not to shed a tear. Extra Feature: Enjoy the song by itself, as well as a montage of panels from the comic.


How It Should Have Ended: Super Mario

It’s-a-me- Mario

You’ve played the game but did your version end like this?

How It Should Have Ended gives us the insight to not how a movie should have ended but the popular platform game Mario.

The amount of times Mario has to rescue the princess I don’t think it will ever end but enjoy this anyway…

The Mario Bros. Go Halfsies

Slow and Steady Luigi, Slow and Steady.

Mario this, Super Mario that, sometimes Luigi just wants to get some of the action especially when it comes to the special ups you get during game play. Thin question is what happens when there’s only one mushroom? You go Halfsies of course.

Animated comedy short from Dorkly Bits entitled The Mario Bros. Go Halfsies shows us what happens after you go halfsies.


Could you imagine if this actually happened during gameplay? Calling shotgun is your best bet and not getting the short end of the stick.

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