Fuck Yeah John Lasseter

The Chances are that unless your a John Lasseter, Disney/ Pixar fan these drawings may not tickle you, but either way these drawings are pretty awesome.


The “Cars” Franchise makes $10 Billion

The “Cars” Franchise makes $10 Billion

$10 Billion People!

Disney’s hugely successful animation feature has crossed the $10 billion mark in total retail sales.

Would You have guessed that a single animated movie could generate such huge gains? I know I didn’t.

$10 Billion Doesn’t Even Make “Cars” the Richest

Even though the whole “Cars” franchise has made $10 billion, legendary character Mickey Mouse generates $9 Billion a year for Disney alone.

“Toy Story” is one of the most profitable franchise for Disney although surprisingly it still lags behind “Cars” and Mickey Mouse generating a measly $4 billion a year.

John Lasseter

Chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation John Lasseter, has this to say about Cars 2 and the $10 Billion in merchandise sales

“It’s pretty staggering. It’s not why we make the movie but it is pretty exciting that around the world Cars merchandise sold over $10bn dollars worth.”

Astounding – $29 Billion

Disney is expected to generate $29 Billion from the combined sales of merchandise from their film franchises.

Check out The Cars 2 Trailer

Do You think Cars 2 will become the highest earner for Disney?

Video: A Day In the Life of John Lasseter

Pixar isn’t all about animation

Enjoy this 25 minute official documentary that follows Disney/Pixar’s John Lasseter as he goes about his day working at Pixar Animation Studios.

Behind all those awards and nominations there is a very hard working guy, how hard does he work? Watch the video and enjoy…

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