Interview with Dr. Krieger from FX Comedy “Archer”

Archer – Interview with Dr. Krieger (Lucky Yates)

Archer Season 3 has just started to air and although fans didn’t get to see Dr. Krieger he is sure to return to the fold soon enough. In the meantime find out what the man behind DR. Krieger, Lucky Yates, had to say:

I know you, along with the amazing Amber Nash (Archer’s Pam Poovey), are part of Atlanta’s “Dad’s Garage Theater Company” improv group. Can you tell us more about what goes on there?

Lucky: Dad’s Garage is the greatest place on the planet. We do improv comedy every weekend of the year (we never close) as well as a full season of originally scripted works generated by the ensemble and our talented friends. I have a degree in theatre (spelled the fancy way!) from Wayne State University in Detroit, and the fact that I spend every weekend on stage in front of an audience is pretty bitchin’. The gang at Dad’s is the funniest and most talented group of folks I’ve ever worked with. They make me laugh every time I’m with them, and I’ve been in this game a long long time.

How does voice acting compare to the live stage?

Lucky: When you’re doing voice over work, you get to dress like you just rolled out of bed (I usually have) and you have the script right in front of you so you don’t have to worry about learning lines. I do improv more than anything else, so I’m always just making up my lines anyway, but you still have to worry about stage pictures and looking good and presenting things for the audience. When I’m in the booth I’m either staring at a script, the microphone or Adam and Casey out in the control room to see if I’m making them happy. Voice over work kicks ass. I highly recommend it.

So, how did you land the role of Dr. Krieger.

Lucky: The lovely and talented Amber Nash is responsible for me getting to come in and read for Krieger. The legend goes that when Adam was finally going to give Krieger some lines (he’s silent in the first 3 episodes) he didn’t know who to cast. He asked Amber if she would recommend anyone and she brought my name up. I had worked with Adam and Matt on Frisky Dingo, so we were already fans of each other. They brought me in, had me record the script for Killing Utne and then we had to wait for approval from the good folks at FX. They gave their blessings and kablam! I was Krieger. Man, I love playing that guy.

Is it something you’d want to get more involved in? Maybe be in a slew of animated shows like Jon Benjamin?

Lucky: If I could make a consistent living voicing characters on animated shows, I would be the happiest person on the planet. Seriously. The. Happiest.

Are there any similarities between Lucky and Krieger?

Lucky: Other than my voice and our love of vans, not so much. I WISH I was a super scientist, but alas, I’m just some ding dong actor from Detroit.

As we saw in the finale of season two, Krieger is clearly a big Rush fan. Are you a fan of Geddy and the boys yourself?

Lucky: When I was a kid, I was more into television and movies than I was music. When all of my pals were starting to get into Van Halen and whoever, I was still into watching Saturday morning cartoons and Monty Python. But in order to fit in, I figured I’d better wear some kind of band button on my jean jacket or I was in for an ass kicking. The band I chose to wear… Rush. True story. Plus Geddy Lee did “Take Off” with the Mckenzie Brothers and that was a comedy album I listened to quite a bit.

Krieger has come up with quite a few crazy inventions. What would be your favorite so far?

Lucky: Awww Pigley.

And lastly, what is your favorite Krieger moment/scene so far in the series?

Lucky: Getting the last line in Season 2 was a pretty huge honor for me. And building Fort Kickass will forever remain a favorite. But honestly, everything Krieger does makes me laugh and is a pleasure to be a part of. Adam Reed is a comedy genius and one of the nicest guys I know. Getting to play the lunatic scientist on the funniest and coolest show on television is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Seriously.

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Napoleon Dynamite Cast & Crew Video Interviews

Napoleon Dynamite Cast & Crew Video Interviews From Comic-Con

Napoleon Dynamite is due to be re-invented as an animated TV series with it debuting midseason on Fox’s Animation Domination Line-up.

The original Actors from the cult movie will all voice their respective characters in the TV series.

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Can’t Get Enough Futurama Interview

Claudia Katz & Peter Avanzino in the CGEF Hotseat

New Season of Futurama

Futurama is back and it’s future looks to be in good shape, with solid story lines and keeping the laughs rolling in I can’t see another cancellation coming up but don’t take it from me. The guys over at Can’t Get Enough Futurama hook us up with a behind the scenes interview.


Claudia Katz is an Emmy winning producer who has worked on various shows including The Maxx, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Drawn Together and The Simpsons Movie as well as being heavily involved with Futurama since it’s inception. She is also Executive Vice President of Rough Draft Studios.

Peter Avanzino is a long time Futurama Supervising Director who has directed some of the shows most beloved episodes including ‘Parasites Lost’ and ‘The Late Philip J Fry’. He has also directed and storyboarded on shows such as Drawn Together, Ren and Stimpy and The Simpsons.

I hope you’re not reading this on your Iphone- why? Well…


reed@CGEF: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat. Futurama returns 23rd June and we’ll talk about that in a bit but first I wanted to talk about your early experiences in animation and production. How did you start on this road to being involved with some the most well known animated shows?

Claudia Katz: I came to Rough Draft in early 1994 to work on The Maxx with Gregg Vanzo. Prior to that, I produced TV commercials for an Ad Agency in NYC where I worked on the Nestle Butterfinger campaign featuring The Simpsons. As fate would have it, I met both Gregg and Matt Groening working on those commercials-and that was 20-years ago!
Futurama was Rough Draft’s second prime-time series and we fought very hard to get it. We’d been talking to Matt about the series, but as it got closer to being a reality, there was a lot of pressure on Matt to choose a more established studio. In the interest of not going down without a fight, I decided we should do a short demo so Matt and David could at least see our vision for the series. Rich Moore came up with a 30-second pitch that we animated quickly in house. As luck would have it, we screened it for Matt about fifteen minutes before the show was supposed to be awarded to another studio! Thankfully, that phone call was never made, Matt went to the mat for us (punny I know), and the rest is history. Once we got the show, having something to prove served us well.

CGEF: Was there a point where you realized this was something you were good at and could make a living doing?

Claudia: I think somewhere in the first season of Futurama I felt some teeny sense of accomplishment. We went from 13 to 80 people in about a month and somehow managed to produce a full season of good lookin’ episodes on schedule. At the same time, the studio’s culture really began to take shape and the underdog, “we try harder” attitude set-in for the whole gang. Rich Moore and Gregg Vanzo set very high standards and we managed to find a building full of artists who found joy in overachieving and also enjoyed drinking, which helped.

CGEF: Claudia, you joined Rough Draft over 15 years ago producing the MTV series The Maxx. I believe that show was the first that started using the 3D animation style that Futurama is well known for.

Claudia: The Maxx represented several firsts for an animated television production. It was probably the first television series to feature integrated 3D animated graphics with traditional 2D animation. At the time, we would have loved to achieve the cel-shaded contour rendering that we use today for Futurama, but back then it didn’t really exist. In fact, our 3D software vendor didn’t really understand why we would want to make 3D graphics look like 2D Animation when the popular goal at the time was to make 3D graphics look more and more photo-real. So instead, we opted for texturing the 3-D models so they would integrate with the photoshopped backgrounds.We were also one of the first studios to set up a Digital Ink & Paint and Composite department for television. And, I think it was the first attempt to really adapt a comic book to the screen in a very literal way.

You know you want to read more about it. If you can’t get enough Futurama visit Can’t Get Enough Futurama for more of the Futurama Interview. Whoah, now that was a hard one to get out. 

Exclusive Interview with Party Band Cheeseburger

Super Jail Theme Musicians Talk to Stay Tooned In

Cheeseburger who are currently signed to Adult swim label Williams street records and produced the theme song for the animated comedy Super Jail entitled “Coming Home” talk Stay Tooned In about their inspirations, crazy nights and future projects.

Stay Tooned In Interview. Responses from Christy Karacas

For those not familiar with cheeseburger how would you describe your sound in new album “Another Big Night Down The Drain”?

Rock and roll party music.

Cheeseburger has garnered comparisons to the Stooges and the Dickies do you think you share a similar sound?


Who or what influences the band?

Rock and roll music, beer, good times, getting wasted, comedy

How has this album progressed from your first?

Well, we were originally a three piece. Now we have bass and an additional guitar so there’s a bigger, more polished sound. Since the record came out we have a total of three guitars, bass and drums so the live shows are sounding pretty rad.

Are there any personal favourite songs on the album?

Depends on my mood. I’m really into ‘Roll Like That’ lately.

What was the process you had go through to your album released through Adult Swim label – Williams Street Records?

Get them really drunk and stoned and trick them into signing us. They had the munchies from all the partying and they thought they were signing the bill for a big sack of White Castles.

Are there any tips you can share on how an aspiring band/ artist can get their songs on a show like Superjail?

Get a show then just put your own band on there. Haha. Just Kidding. I guess work really hard, record your stuff and get it out there any way you can?

It’s probably kind of hard… I think a lot of it is timing and luck so if you have a dream don’t ever give up.

Would you consider putting your music on another show if given the chance?

Of course.

Are there any big live performances coming up that your fans need to know about?

Friday, June 3rd at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Then Sled Island Festival in Calgary on June 24, 11pm (3rd of 4) at The Legion (upstairs) w/ Hunx and His Punx, Shannon and the Clams, Invasives, June 25, 11pm (headline) at Vern’s w/ Bare Wires, Young Ones, Camp Radio June 26, time TBA at Republik w/ Thee Oh Sees, The BellRays, Bare Wires, Demon’s Claws

Question from Explosivo_420 (adult swim forum): As a party band how many parties have you played? Are they any super wild stories that you can share? Also do you need a bass player? I’m totally available.

We’ve played a milllion parties. Good times. We had these two fans in LA come to our hotel room after the show to party. They were really nice – then out of no where they come out in bathrobes and get totally naked. They were trying to get everyone naked…but the boyfriend was like this HUGE wrestler type dude. So it was kind of scary, but they were nice and left…but yea…that was kind of nuts…Thanks for the offer but we got a bass player-but if he gets too drunk to play you can jump on stage. Where do you live?

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Get a feel of the music with the CheeseBurger Sound Cloud. Enjoy some of their songs and be sure to get it on itunes.

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