Behind The Scenes Animation “How it Should Have Ended”

How It Should Have Ended

HISHE have released a video via Youtube showing part of the animation process behind their successful “Harry Potter” animation. In the short video you get to see a recording of the guys painting Voldemort.

Novice animators may be able to pick up a trick or two, while the non animators out there will marvel at the dedication needed to make such an animation happen.


HISHE – Harry Potter

HISHE – Harry Potter

The team from ‘How it Should Have Ended’ have taken on the huge task of switching up the immensely popular movie Harry Potter and boy do they do a good job.

Harry Potter: How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have End-di-a-mos

Did you enjoy the Harry Potter franchise and how he battled against the evil ‘he who shall not be named’? Deathly Hollows brought in record amounts in the box office but was everyone happy with the way it ended ? If not How Should Have Ended show you what Harry could have done.

Enjoy the stills from the production and Stay Tooned In for the animation.


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