Dick Figures Returns – Season 3 Trailer

Mondo Media – Dick Figures

Dick Figures Is Back!

The all conquering Dick Figures returns with Season 3 and it sure to be a smash hit. Dick Figures  is now official Youtubes most watched Animated Series racking up an impressive 10 million views in the month of August alone.

With season 3 just around the corner you can expect Dick Figures to continue onwards and upwards and become the biggest thing on the internet since Happy Tree Friends

Mondo Media have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Season:

Prepare your face for melting! Dick Figures returns with the 1st of 10 all-new episodes on Thursday, September 22nd!


YouTube Copyright School Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends and Youtube

Google and YouTube have enlisted Mondo Medias popular Show “Happy Tree Friends” to help in teaching users about copyright. The following “YouTube Copyright School” video has become mandatory watch for any user who uploads copyrighted material:

Ban for Life

Infringers will be given 2 more chances to avoid copyright infringement before having their accounts banned for life


The Youtube community doesn’t seem to be taking this video or news very well, the video currently has over 200,000 views with nearly 4,900 Dislikes compared to 900 likes. Will the Youtube community see this as Mondo Media Selling out? Will they face a backlash from their own fans?

How much Happy Tree Friends gore can you take?

Ed: On this slowest of slow news days we’re going to show you some animations from one of the best web based shows around today

Larry: Of course we’re talking about Happy Tree friends

Ed: We’re sure your going to enjoy 3 of their most viewed videos ever, with total view coming near to 65million

Happy Tree Friends See You Later, Elevator

Ed: There’s a new Family Tree Friends episode directed by Kenn Navarro, who also co-wrote it with Ken Pontac and Warren Graff.

Larry: Happy Tree friends? What’s that like.

Ed: It’s the most watched web series on the..well..web. Here is an interview with Kenn from Cold Hard Flash.

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