The Simpsons Season 23 – 10 New Episode Plots

Fox – The Simpsons Season 23

Season 23

Currently the longest running animated show on TV The Simpsons will return to air with Season 23.

You can expect to see the Simpsons back on your TV screens on September 25, 2011.

500th Episode

During Season 23 The Simpsons will reach an epic landmark, its 500th episode! episode 500 is due to air February 19, 2012.

Al Jean had this to say about Episode 500:

“There’s a secret town meeting that the Simpsons aren’t invited to, and then they sneak in and they find out it’s a meeting discussing whether to ban them from Springfield, because people are so sick of them after all this time. But there are more surprises.”

Guest Appearances

Season 23 is choked full of celebrity appearances. This seasons guest cast includes: Kiefer Sutherland, Jane Lynch, Michael Cera, Andy Garcia, Armie Hammer, Joan Rivers, Jeremy Irons, and Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

Michael Cera character is expected to be Lisa new love interest, but don’t fear Al Jean told fans that this didn’t mean a certain four eyed geek was out of the picture.

“If she winds up with anybody, it’s going to be Milhouse”

More Banksy

Following banksy controversial take on the Simpsons opening credits last time out it may come as a surprise that he will be invited back to produce 2 more gags.

Al Jean had this to say

“If you liked Banksy, then you’ll like these two, But it’s not the same thing,”

More Surprises in Store

  • The Simpsons won’t shoot 1,000 years into the future to do a cross-over with Futurama, but it will jump ahead to a Simpsons Christmas 30 years in the future — and the episode was written by former Futurama writer J. Stewart Burns. In other intriguing news, the family will journey to their seventh and final continent, Antarctica, and in one episode, Mr. Burns has an iPad app called “Angry Burns.”
  • Last season, couple-in-the-making Ned Flanders and Mrs. Krabappel – a.k.a. Nedna – hit a roadblock when he found out about all the men she’d been with. The show — which has placed the fate of the pair in the hands of fans, who can vote here – will honor their choice and stick with the storyline. No tricks. (For the record, the producers seemed to be more in favor of the love connection than the audience did.) Groening explained his pro-Nedna stance this way: “Bart deserves his teacher living next door.”
Entertainment Weekly followed up with executive producer Al Jean at Comic Con and found out the 10 Simpson Plots to be expected in Season 23

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Which Family Guy Characters can Hear Stewie

Seth tells us which Family Guy Characters can Hear Stewie

Seth MacFarlane explains at Comic Con which Family Guy characters can hear Stewie Griffin when he talks.

Creator Seth MacFarlane and writer/executive producer Steve Callaghan both try to explain this age-old question:

Exclusive Best of Family Guy Season 10 Trailer

Family Guy Season 10 Trailer

Following the appearance of Seth MacFarlane and co. at Comic-Con Fox has released the first trailer for upcoming Family Guy Season 10.

Napoleon Dynamite Cast & Crew Video Interviews

Napoleon Dynamite Cast & Crew Video Interviews From Comic-Con

Napoleon Dynamite is due to be re-invented as an animated TV series with it debuting midseason on Fox’s Animation Domination Line-up.

The original Actors from the cult movie will all voice their respective characters in the TV series.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out more cast interviews at

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Take a Look at a Brand new trailer released at Comic-Con

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fox “American Dad” Season 7

American Dad Renewed for Season 7

Fox Animation Domination

American Dad, a staple of Fox’s Animation Domination Sunday Line up, will return with a 7th Season.

Season 7 Premier Date

Stan and the family will be back on your screens on September 25th 2011.

Season 6 The Numbers Game

During Season 6 the Fox network released figures showing that American Dad only pulled in an average of 4.7 Million viewers over Season 6.

Comparing this to Season 1 back in 2005 where it averaged 7 Million viewers there has been a substantial drop.

Although the figures represent a downward spiral of viewers American Dad, one of Fox’s flagship shows, still retains the unwavering support of the Fox Network.

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“Hurricane” – Season 7 Episode 1

The first episode of American Dad will be “Hurricane“.

“Hurricane” was originally due to air during Season 6, but was pulled from air due to the serve storms that hit Southern American.

“Hurricane” – Animation Domination Cross Over

In an unprecedented Animation Domination Crossover Event, a storm hits the towns of Stoolbend, Quahog and Langley Falls and forces the Smiths, Griffins and the Browns/ Tubbs to come together for the first time ever.

Episode Summary

When the Smiths decide to stay home, they must fight tooth and nail to survive.

Check out the Pictures

Season 7 Storylines

Roger travels to the Middle East to show his support for the troops, Stan gets a curse placed on him that causes him to age in reverse and Hayley adopts a baby who turns out to be evil incarnate. Upcoming guest voices include

Guest Voices

Season 7 of American Dad will see the following stars voice characters in the show: Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe, Cee-Lo Green, Kathy Griffin, Trace Adkins, Hulk Hogan, Cheech Marin, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, David Koechner, Patrick Stewart, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Nathan Fillion.

Looking Back – Season 6

During Season 6 we saw tons of hilarious moments that put previous Seasons to shame. If your anything like me, you would have found ‘Roger’ the star of the show. Surely he has to go down as one of the most funniest animated characters in history.

Check out this clip from Season 6 in which Roger convinces Stan to do something very, very unholy

StayToonedIn The Home of Animated Comedy.

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Family Guy Poster Begs for Emmy

Family Guy Begging For an Emmy?

Does Seth Macfarlane Want an Emmy? You Bet your arse he does

The Simpsons: 5 Million Viewers, Who Sit in Silence

You’re A Simpson Zombie

5 Million Viewers, Who Sit in Silence

Simpsons Zombie, That’s You

You’re watching “The Simpsons”. You sit mindlessly in front of the TV for 30 minutes, during which you don’t have a single laugh of out loud moment. Sound familiar? That’s because you have become a Simpsons Zombie. Yes it’s An Epidemic, effecting at least 5 Million people WorldWide

Under A Spell Crafted Over 20 Years Ago

You are under The Simpsons spell, which you Contracted over 20 Years ago. The Simpsons Season 2-7The Golden Years. You watched in aware, as the best ever Animated Comedy was being aired too Millions of Viewers worldwide. They have you Hook, line and sinker. The Simpsons Spell Took Control of the World, It Took Control Of You

Clip From Bart The Daredevil

Then Came The Simpsons Plague, A Disaster

Your mind-set was locked in. The Simpsons is and always will be Funny. After watching up to Season 7 who could argue with You. Season 8 and 9 air, you adjust to the slightly lower standard of Episodes. That’s when “The Simpsons” unleashed the Simpsons Plague: Seasons 10 – 22

What followed were years and years of Sub standard Simpsons Episodes: Bad jokes, Bad Writing, No punch. It turned into a Generic Comedy: Storyline here, Place Joke their, End Episode.

A Disaster, but only to the trained eye of Hardcore Fans.

Writing on The Wall

Hardcore fans could see the writing on the wall: The Simpsons was Finished! In their all-seeing eyes, “The Simspons”, would never be the same again.

Many stopped watching, others only watched periodically, none were taken in by the Simpsons Spell. Unfortunately They were in the minority

How Can You Argue Against 5 Million People

For every Hardcore fan their were 100,000 Simpsons Fans who still adored the show, watching it mindlessly in front of the TV, still telling themselves The Simpsons is Funny, its Funny, funny funny funny.

That is exactly the mentality that has kept the Simpsons Plague spreading. It’s what has kept it on TV for over 22 Seasons and counting. The Simpsons is a Powerhouse started by an animated Comedy that gained Worldwide fame, then spawned merchandise, which together created The Simpsons Franchise.

On average, Season 22 gets 5 million viewers. Proving that You are under the Simpsons Spell, which continues to conquer all.

Can This spell be Replicated?

Has It? Can It? Will It Ever?

In short Yes. But its not been done yet. Both Family Guy and South Park have tried to replicate the success shown by the Simpsons but neither has achieved it.

South Park have tried but rumours have circulated that this Season, (15) will be the last. That leaves it 7 away from the Simpsons which is still powering forward.

Family Guy is in Season 9 and will defiantly carry onto Season 10 at the very least. However Family Guy will never have the Longevity or the Worldwide impact The Simpsons achieved.

Get YourSelf Tested

Do You want to know if you are a Simpsons Zombie? Watch any Simpsons Episode from Season 10 onwards and see if you Laugh out Loud at anytime. If you don’t, I can confirm you are a Simpsons Zombie. What’s the cure? I’ll tell you another Time…

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Are You One of the 5 Million Simpsons Zombies Out There? Lets Hear what You have To Say: Comment Below

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