Wile E. Coyote & Roadrunner in “127 Hours”

Animator Rob Yulfo Parodies “127 Hours”

Animator Rob Yulfo has Parodied Danny Boyle’s recent film “127 Hours” starring James Franco.

Warner Bros characters

Rob Yulfo has fittingly used Warner Bros characters Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner in this particular film parody.


Captain Planet Rampage – Greasy Mouse

Greasy Mouse Chris Voigt produced another feature to the Captain Planet series, with this entitle Captain Planet Rampage.

Imagine the world as we know it slowly dying and we do nothing to protect it. The Simpsons have taught us about Global Warming and yet we have yet to listen to mother natures cry. Maybe this will awaken our senses.


Ugly Lady Gaga Halloween Costume Animation by Hayk

Lady Gaga is Ugly. Yes, but to base her for a Halloween Animation takes the cake.

Ed: Larry!

Larry: Don’t call my name!

Ed: Alejandro..

Larry: Ahh I see what you did there but serious Halloween is coming up and I’m not fond of ghost.

Ed: Stop being such a p*ssy. Check out this animated short I found  by Hayk Manukyan which takes the piss out of Lady Gaga and her meat suit entitled Creepy Lady Gaga Halloween Prank.

Ed: See, most pranks are done by people you know trying to sca…

Hi excuse what are you doing here? …

No you can’t use it sorry. What you doing with that. Put it down! …No. Nooo. Arrghhh !

Larry: Ed? …Ed? What happened you okay? ….Yoo?


Larry: Arrrgh *sh*ts himself*

Ed: Haha. You’re too easy.

Fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Larry: You didn’t scare me. It was the thought of Lady Gaga without make up.

Ed: It’s so true. Rumour has it she looks like this without all the wigs and make up

Larry: Woah. I just hope that it’s only a rumour. You people out there think she’s that ugly?

Guys getting Boners over Halo Reach, Awesome Reach Spoof

Larry: Ed. Halo Reach is a fantastic game, it took a while for me to used to it but before you know it. I was firing from all cylinders.

Ed: Stop. This site is all about animated comedy why are you talking about the new Xbox 360 game released last month.

Larry: That’s why I got this short produced by Arin Hanson also known as Egograptor. The guy’s got like 6 million views on Newgrounds and he created this game- short with their help. Awesome Reach spoofs all the hype around Halo Reach. It’s got a some bad language and explicit shots, so it’s perfect.

Ed: Sometimes I wonder how I got partnered up with you.

Happy Tree Friends See You Later, Elevator

Ed: There’s a new Family Tree Friends episode directed by Kenn Navarro, who also co-wrote it with Ken Pontac and Warren Graff.

Larry: Happy Tree friends? What’s that like.

Ed: It’s the most watched web series on the..well..web. Here is an interview with Kenn from Cold Hard Flash.

Gender issues with Pinocchio by Snark Rocket

I’m a Real Bo…erm girl?

Ed: Snark Rocket’s latest animated comedy sketch spoofing Disney’s 1940 Classic Pinocchio.

Larry: The Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket and Geppetto try to help the puppet with his gender identity.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ed: You think Disney would like that?

Larry: Who Nose !

Ed: That is just… I’m not going to comment on that joke.

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