Dorkly Bits: Mortal Kombat Sitcom

Dorkly Bits

They’re going to kill you….with laughter!

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Watch What Happens when Super Mario Goes Down the Wrong Pipe

Dorkly Bits

No free coins. No extra lives. The only way out is the reset button.

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Dorkly: Pac Man Video – How Blinky Died

Dorkly: Pac Man Video – How Blinky Died

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He’s got a few ghost skeletons in his closet.

Dorkly Video: Angry Birds vs. Tiny Wings

Dorkly Video: Angry Birds vs. Tiny Wings

Imitation is the sincerest form of ornithology

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Brock and Officer Jenny Official Facebook Couple

Dorkly: Brock is in a relationship with Officer Jenny

Everyone knows that when you put it on facebook it’s just as law binding as a ring on the finger and this is no joke. Brock has tried to get with every officer Jenny there is and he has finally done it.

This is the biggest couple getting together- yes that includes the Royal Wedding that South Park mocked in the episode Royal Pudding. Even Kate Middleton had her twitter presence but it has nothing on Brock.


Now it’s time for Ash to release he can’t make it as a Pokemon Master and get with Misty!

Dorkly Bits: Sheik Crashes a Bachelor Party

Dorkly Bits: Sheik Crashes a Bachelor Party

You don’t need the tri-force of wisdom to realize this won’t turn out well.

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