“Lion King 3-D” Bloopers

Lion King 3-D Coming to a Cinema near You

Lion King 3-D

Disney have decided to re-release the Animation Epic “Lion King” but this time in 3-D. The Movie will be appearing in cinemas and then released on Blue-ray 3-D.

Check out the Trailer for the Movie:


The Bloopers

The Blue-ray disk is due for release October 4th, be sure to pick up a copy as Disney are only releasing them for a certain period of time.

Now for the video you’ve been waiting for: The “Lion King” Bloopers, Enjoy


Fuck Yeah John Lasseter

The Chances are that unless your a John Lasseter, Disney/ Pixar fan these drawings may not tickle you, but either way these drawings are pretty awesome.

Check Out This Real Life Version of “WALL-E”

WALL-E In Real Life

Following the hugely successful film “WALL-E” back in 2008 we now have a real life version of the little robot. You may have seen other Wall-E toys that mimicked the famous character but i assure you that none will be as advanced or as likeable than this version brought to us by DJ Sures.

The “Cars” Franchise makes $10 Billion

The “Cars” Franchise makes $10 Billion

$10 Billion People!

Disney’s hugely successful animation feature has crossed the $10 billion mark in total retail sales.

Would You have guessed that a single animated movie could generate such huge gains? I know I didn’t.

$10 Billion Doesn’t Even Make “Cars” the Richest

Even though the whole “Cars” franchise has made $10 billion, legendary character Mickey Mouse generates $9 Billion a year for Disney alone.

“Toy Story” is one of the most profitable franchise for Disney although surprisingly it still lags behind “Cars” and Mickey Mouse generating a measly $4 billion a year.

John Lasseter

Chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation John Lasseter, has this to say about Cars 2 and the $10 Billion in merchandise sales

“It’s pretty staggering. It’s not why we make the movie but it is pretty exciting that around the world Cars merchandise sold over $10bn dollars worth.”

Astounding – $29 Billion

Disney is expected to generate $29 Billion from the combined sales of merchandise from their film franchises.

Check out The Cars 2 Trailer

Do You think Cars 2 will become the highest earner for Disney?

Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4

Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4

To Infinity and beyond Toy Story 3

Tom Hanks, the voice behind Sheriff Woody recently sat down with the BBC to promote his new film, Larry Crowne. But that’s not the part you want to know.

Hanks Talks Toy Story 4

During the interview Tim Muffett asks Hanks about the possibility of Toy Story 4, which he replies.

I think there will be, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think they’re working on it now. There you go.

In The Works?

Although Mr Hanks announced that there will be another movie there has been no confirmation of this from the studio behind the franchise.

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No Clues

Tom Hanks didn’t give much more away in the interview and most importantly he didn’t say if he would be reprising his role as Woody, (could there be a Toy Story Movie without him) with no further information available at this time you should bookmark our site and keep checking back for the latest updates at StayToonedin.com

Toy Story “Hawaiian Vacation”

You won’t be able to catch toy Story 4 any time soon, but in the mean time why not watch Toy Story “Hawaiian Vacation” as it follows on from Toy Story 3.

Currently being shown before screenings of Cars 2 in cinemas

All’s well that ends well

With the bittersweet tear jerking end to Toy Story 3 it seemed the perfect place to leave the trilogy.

Do You Think there Should be a Toy Story 4? Leave Your comment Below

Watch a minute preview of Cars 2

Start you engines and rev up for a minute of Cars 2

Enjoy a full minute preview of the upcoming Disney- Pixar Cars 2. Taken from a race in Japan staring the vocal cords of John Turturro as franceso Bernoulli, the ‘triple speed’ Italian Car. What do I mean for triple speed, watch the trailer to find out. Cars 2 hits the theaters on June 24th.

Pixar Characters Watches Pixar Movies Too – Vanity Fair Magazine

Vanity Fair bring Pixar Characters to the Movies   

Picture this, it’s that time of the year again and a major blockbuster movie is going to hit the theatres near you soon enough but not after the red carpet screening where the movie stars attend. 

This is all well and dandy for the real life folk but what about the stars of the animated features. I’m sure Woody ‘wood’ have cried during the screening of Toy Story and Buzz would have been ‘Buzzing’ with excitement (you like what I did there) but we would never get to have that experience. 

Until now check out this image Pixar recently created for Vanity Fair magazine. It’s the closest thing we will get to see of our favourite Pixar characters at a screening. 

Pixar’s Vanity Fair Magazine creation

@leeunkrich, director of Toy Story 3.

It’s better than some grown man in a Buzz Lightyear costume walking the red carpet right? 

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