New “Destructo Box” Episode – ‘Glotion Sickness’

Destructo Box – Glotion Sickness

Crazy Good

We bring you this long-awaited update on Mondo Medias Web series ‘Destructo Box’ after an e-mail from Fan ‘Aaron’. He told us the newest Destructo Box episodes have got “Crazy Good”, well if that’s true we better get our act together and bring you guys more of their videos.

Here’s our first update on the series for a few months.

Epsidoe 15 is called Glotion Sickness, Enjoy


If you can’t wait for the next episode in the series then check out the rest of the Destructo Box Series on their You Tube account


Destructo Box – Time Battles

Destructo Box – Time Battles


Joey and Phil’s quiet afternoon of television is interrupted when a fierce battle through time and space materializes in their living room. Destructo Box is created by Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin with original music by Alex Clark.

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Enjoy the new video from Destructo Box, which has been widely liked on Youtube

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StayToonedIn: Webisode Weekly May 1st

StayToonedIn: Webisode Weekly

Webisode Weekly May 1st

Welcome to the 3rd installment of StayTooedIn Webisodes Weekly. It’s where you go to find all the weeks most important Videos in one fantastically funny Video List. This weeks list includes Vids from Dorkly, College Humour, Mondo Media and more:

Animation Domination: Mothers Day Tribute

Destructo Box Vinegar Tea Party

Osama Bin Laden Roast In Peace

Mondo Media: Al Qaeda Recruiting Video

Dick Figures – Camp Anarchy

Dorkly: Donkey Kong Doesn’t Back Down

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dorkly: Ecco’s Friends are Stupid

Vodpod videos no longer available.

College Humor: Lebron James Ditches Space Jam

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How It Should Have Ended: Toy Story

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That’s all folks. Join us next Sunday for a recap of the weeks best Videos and be sure to check out the previos Webisode Weekly as well

Destructo Box – Vinegar Tea Party

Destructo Box – Vinegar Tea Party

Destructo Box is already an established Web series that we have grown to like, even though it splits opinion on youtube. Its made by Mondo Media the guys who brought you Happy Tree Friends and Dick Figures. We think you’ll either love it or hate it… But its one of those shows you should at least watch once

Destructo Box

Destructo Box is an animated series featuring rectangles saying and doing inappropriate things. It’s currently being distributed by the MondoMedia channel, along with the likes of Dick Figures, Happy Tree Friends and Cat Slap (among others). This channel will feature exclusive making-of and behind-the-scenes content along with other nonsense that the creators of the show stumble into making during their adventures in cartoonery.

This episode

Destructo Box recounts the epic tale of a small group of soldiers at the heart of the American Revolution. All gave some, some gave balls. Destructo Box is created by Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin with original music by Alex Clark.

Destructo Box – Vampiarrhea is Not Funny

Have Mondo Made a Mistake

We all know that Mondo Media have had their fair share of the world’s animated comedy short succes. When I say world I mean world wide web but with the release of the new comic and I use that term likely, short Destructo Box (by Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin with original music by Alex Clark) it seems like they are loosing it and fast.

Dick Heads

Youtube comments have always been a place there are two sides to ever comment. Those who try and get thumbs up and the others who just ridicule the slightest spelling msitake (see what I did there). Here is a change in all that where Mondo Media should pick up on.

Loyal viewers are constantly commenting for the release of Dick Figures to return. That’s right, there is a united front of ‘Dick Heads’ who want the show back on their screens. Maybe it’s all a plan devise by Mondo to get more demand for the shows but with an average of millions watching Dick Figures and the time it takes to produce an animation, maybe it’s not worth it.

In short bring back Dick Figures. If not, enjoy the latest installment of Destructo Box.

Mondo New Series Destructo Box – Chest Pimples

No Dick Figures?

The guys are Mondo media haven’t given up on Dick figures but there’s a release of a new web series entitled Destructo Bow with the first episode Chest Pimples given a real insight of good things to come.


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