‘The Simpsons’ Halloween Episode Ned Flanders is Dexter Morgan

Ned Morgan or Dexter Flanders

Ned Flanders- the most God fearing individual to be coloured yellow has had a slight change of heart.  He is not afraid to butcher a body, slice and dice it before throwing the body parts in a plastic bag to be sent floating into the depths of the sea.

Dexter Morgan Move Over

Sounds more like the makings of the serial killer Dexter right? In the new Tree House of Horror we see an intro that parodies the cool doing’s of the killer Dexter.

The Simpsons’ annual Halloween episode “Treehouse of Horror XXII”

To enjoy the diddily-dum-doodily dark side of Ned Flanders you need to check out Entertainment Weekly who have the exclusive video and since there are no ways of embedding the video you can click over to check it out. The episode airs on October 30th and will have Ned Flanders serving as the local serial killer.

The Simpsons need to do more of these intro’s – me thinks.


Napoleon Dynamite Cast & Crew Video Interviews

Napoleon Dynamite Cast & Crew Video Interviews From Comic-Con

Napoleon Dynamite is due to be re-invented as an animated TV series with it debuting midseason on Fox’s Animation Domination Line-up.

The original Actors from the cult movie will all voice their respective characters in the TV series.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Take a Look at a Brand new trailer released at Comic-Con

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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