The “Cars” Franchise makes $10 Billion

The “Cars” Franchise makes $10 Billion

$10 Billion People!

Disney’s hugely successful animation feature has crossed the $10 billion mark in total retail sales.

Would You have guessed that a single animated movie could generate such huge gains? I know I didn’t.

$10 Billion Doesn’t Even Make “Cars” the Richest

Even though the whole “Cars” franchise has made $10 billion, legendary character Mickey Mouse generates $9 Billion a year for Disney alone.

“Toy Story” is one of the most profitable franchise for Disney although surprisingly it still lags behind “Cars” and Mickey Mouse generating a measly $4 billion a year.

John Lasseter

Chief creative officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation John Lasseter, has this to say about Cars 2 and the $10 Billion in merchandise sales

“It’s pretty staggering. It’s not why we make the movie but it is pretty exciting that around the world Cars merchandise sold over $10bn dollars worth.”

Astounding – $29 Billion

Disney is expected to generate $29 Billion from the combined sales of merchandise from their film franchises.

Check out The Cars 2 Trailer

Do You think Cars 2 will become the highest earner for Disney?


Pixar Update: Art of Cars 2 and Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation

Cars 2 and Toy Story Toons

A whole batch of stuff were added to the Pixar site with the inclusion of artwork from Cars 2 and more on the Toy Story short Hawaiian Vacation.

Now this is a one good job of an update. One little click in the Feature Films section  and you will be taken to exclusive content from Cars 2. All of which is included in the The Art of… book that is due to be released this month. Something that I suggest is worth a buy but check out Upcoming Pixar & Planet Pixar’s Review for a second opinion.

Toy Story Toons

A new page has been added to the Pixar site in the frenzy of updates featuring the brand new “Toy Story Toons” short that will be released with Cars 2 this summer.

Check out the preview by visiting the Short Films section of the Pixar website.

Cars 2 (and Hawaiin Vacation) open June 24!

Watch a minute preview of Cars 2

Start you engines and rev up for a minute of Cars 2

Enjoy a full minute preview of the upcoming Disney- Pixar Cars 2. Taken from a race in Japan staring the vocal cords of John Turturro as franceso Bernoulli, the ‘triple speed’ Italian Car. What do I mean for triple speed, watch the trailer to find out. Cars 2 hits the theaters on June 24th.

Car’s 2 Trailer Re-Created with Only Lego!

Car’s 2 Trailer Re-Created with Only Lego!

Lego Does “Cars 2”

The original Car’s 2 trailer has been Re-created entirely by Lego bricks!

The trailer was created using 24 frames per second.


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Cars 2: Music Track List

Cars 2

Music For Cars 2

The full Track List for upcoming Pixar Movie “Cars 2” has been released.

21 Tracks 5 Songs

1. “You Might Think” — Weezer
2. “Collision of Worlds” — Brad Paisley, Robby Williams
3. “Mon Caeur Fait Vroum” (My Heart Goes Vroom) — Benabar
4. “Nobody’s Fool” — Brad Paisley
5. “Polyrythm” — Perfume
6. “Turbo Transmission”
7. “It’s Finn McMissile!”
8. “Mater The Waiter”
9. “Radiator Reunion”
10. “Cranking Up The Heat”
11. “Towkyo Takeout”
12. “Tarmac The Magnificent”
13. “Whose Engine Is This?”
14. “History’s Biggest Loser Cars”
15. “Mater Of Disguise”
16. “Porto Corsa”
17. “The Lemon Pledge”
18. “Mater’s Getaway”
19. “Mater Warns McQueen”
20. “Going To The Backup Plan”
21. “Mater’s The Bomb”
22. “Blunder And Lightning”
23. “The Other Shoot”
24. “Axlerod Exposed”
25. “The Radiator Springs Gran Prix”
26. “The Turbomater”

June 14th Release Date

You can buy the full Track List at Amazon from June 14th

Do You want to know more about Cars 2? Then Read On:

Cars 2 CLip + Fake Advert

William and Kate Invited Cars 2 the Royal Wedding List

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Cars 2

The Royal Wedding Sneak Peak Cars 2 Preview

The revealing of the Queen and Prince Wheeliam as new Car-actors (Characters) in the highly anticipated Disney Pixar Cars 2 is no surprise as the Royal Wedding takes place. They have released an Exclusive Royal Sneak Peek of Cars 2 to celebrate.


Meet the British Car-actors (Characters)

Get to see how they look and feel. Each one is on the wedding list for the Royal Wedding but there’s one person missing! Kate The Bride but I guess it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding so Pixar can be let off.

Visit  Upcoming Pixar to get the character description and who they are voiced by.

Cars 2 Releases Retro Posters

Disney Pixar Releases Retro Posters

Disney Pixar has Released three new retro posters for Cars 2 to rev up interest in the franchise, which arrives in theaters June 24.

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