SuperHero Sex Moves To The Rescue

Super Heroes do it too

When the idea for came to mind, I didn’t think I’d have to take it this far to keep you ‘Tooned in’ with the life of cartoon characters!

Fred Flintstone made her bedrock using these Moves

So when Wolverine, Batman and Captain Planet are not risking their lives saving the world from evil, they take some down time.

College Humor show us the Special moves the SuperHero’s use when getting down and dirty. Alternatively you can take some advice from Ash Ketchum from Pokemon – Though, Why you would want the advice of a 10-year old boy is beyond me

If you’re interested in knowing more moves to show your spouse not saying you need but just throwing it out there. College Humor have more on Internet Sex Moves .


Batman’s Boy Wonder Robin the Priest.

Who knew Robin was so religious.

Everyone has that one friend that wants you to attend church. He slyly gives you hints about how much you should pray more and give thanks to the Lord. Well Batman seems to have this friend, problem is- he isn’t so sly about it.



6 Become a Millionaire Tips, from the Richest Cartoon Characters

So you want to be a Millionaire?

Everyone dreams of earning millions; sitting on a yacht floating away in the Caribbean sipping on peanut coladas. But the question is how do you get to that stage? Here’s some advice from the richest cartoon characters around.from the animated world for their top tips to become a millionaire.

1. Wile Coyote – Invest

Didn’t think Wile had any money? Well how do you think he buys all those Acme products, he certainly doesn’t leave his money in the bank getting next to nothing in interest. Investing your money can yield big returns especially if you invest in a big company like Acme, you’ll be well on your way to catching that dam bird- I mean making a million.

2. Bruce Wayne – Rob a Bank.

Bruce Wayne here or you may know me as the Cape Crusader, the Dark Knight with a handy utility belt. How do you think I pay for all of those gadgets? My corporation? Ha no way. Think about it, I stop on average of 3 bank robberies a week and you think I’m not going to sneak a couple bags of money out with me? If you want to make a million seize the opportunities that are there.

3. Lex Luthor – Set Yourself Goals

I want to do one thing! Destroy Superman. Crush the boy blue with fragile little green rock and I will stop at nothing to do it. Sure I have the money to do it but I guarantee you’ll be better of setting yourself  goals that will push you to the limit. You’ll be well on your way to making that green stuff.

4. C. Montgomery Burns – Own a Franchise

I own a the Springfield Isotopes. They may not win every game but we have a strong following of imbeciles coming to each game, buying merchandise making me money. It’s easy to do, just buy a franchise and watch the money role in. Exceeellennt.

5. Scrooge McDuck – Every Penny Counts

Save your pennies. Save your pennies. Save your pennies. You do this for life and you will have no friends, but you will be loaded! Loaded enough to swim in a room full of money. Just don’t get stitched up with looking after your nephews. Money hungry lil-

6. Carter Pewterschmidt – Hang around Douche Bags

Skull and Bones Society. Ahh a fine place where the most powerful men in the world are groomed for the future. Every president, every CEO, every douchebag named Ryan Seacrest. If you want to be rich hang around the Rich Douchebags and slowly but surely you will earn enough income for me to at least take notice of you while I get my shoes shined.

The Dark Knight | How It Should Have Ended

Na-na-na-na Batman

Ever watched a movie and thought to yourself, ‘aahhh c’mon, there’s no way he should have been able to do that’. I’m sure you have, The guys at How It Should Have Ended show you exactly that.

This is their latest release, how The Dark Knight should have ended.

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