Sony comes out of the Blue with The Smurfs 3D Movie

Edd: Yes It’s our 3rd post on a new 3D movie I know, I know, blog about something else, but I can’t there’s just to many new 3D movies coming out. Check out the first ever episode of the smurfs

Larry: The Smurfs seems to have a pretty nice cast but it doesn’t seem to have that big A-lister that other new 3D animations have, weather that will count against it is to be seen. The Smurfs features the voices of Alan Cumming, Katy Perry, Anton Yelchin, Pual Reubens, B.J. Novak, Fred Armisen, George Lopez, Kenan Thompson, John Oliver, and Jonathan Winters, with Hank Azaria playing Gargamel.

Edd: The movie is due out on August 3, 2011.


Ben Willis AM Feature: Path to Animation Success

Animation Mentor Feature

Ed: Larry remember the good old days working with the animators. Key posing us and putting in our inbetweens.

Larry: Yeah till we realised we could do with out them on this site.

Ed: Well check out Ben Willis who was featured in the Animation Mentor Newsletter including others like Nicky Phelan and Travis Tohill telling us how they got to where they are today. See the Full Article

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