Animation Domination Will Dominate Again in Fall

Animation Domination Returns September 25

Stop Groening, Seth and the gang will be back

September 25 will see the return of Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

While The Simpsons will also return on the same date at it’s usual time of 8PM. Cleveland show will follow behind at 8.30PM and Family Guy at 9PM. American Dad will top of the Animation Domination evening at 9.30PM.

October 30 sees a change in the schedule, with Cleveland being moved to the 7.30PM slot, with new show Allen Gregory airing at 8.30PM instead.


Now are we more excited about the return of Archer or of Seth  dysfunctional animated families ?


Watch “Allen Gregory” Trailer

Allen Gregory Coming to Fox this Fall

This is the same show that is knocking Bob’s Burger’s airtime back on Fox, Allen Gregory. Set to be released this fall, it’s causing a  lot of mayhem in the Animation Domination line up.

This trailer will show if it is worthy of the spot in the animated comedy heavy weight line up.

Enjoy the trailer.

(Via The Animation Blog)

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‘Allen Gregory’ Comes to Fox this Fall

‘Bob’s Burgers’ is not cancelled but has been shifted.

Has Bob’s Burgers has been cancelled? No it hasn’t. You will find that it has instead been pushed back to the mid season, to make room for New Animated  series “Allen Gregory” reports Variety.

New line up for Animation Domination

“Allen Gregory” will occupy the 8.30 pm time slot, following the bright yellow might of the “The Simpsons”.

“Gregory” is based on the story of  “the world’s most celebrated 7-year-old”, who is attending elementary school along with the average Joe’s. Showrunner for the series is “Family Guy’s” executive producer David Goodman who has joined forces with “Gregory” co-creator Jonah Hill, Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel.

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Fox Making It Easy For the New Guy

You often find in life that being the new guy can be tough, it’s the same in the TV game. But when you have the knowhow of Fox everything should work out just fine, I think. Being placed directly behind “The Simpsons” is a clever guise, Fox did the same with the release of “The Cleveland Show” in 2009. With the Simpsons consistently bring in 5 million viewers each episode, naturally most will stay to watch the next show, all the while making life a lot easier for “Allen Gregory”

Bob’s Burgers was on the Menu

13 episodes of Bob’s Burgers were ordered, they were meant to be released with “Gregory” and Napolean Dynamite.

It would be great to see Bob’s Burgers back on the air as it did produce a fresh taste to the animation family sitcoms. Baring that in mind “American Dad,” and “Family Guy” will round out Fox’s “Animation Domination” lineup.

Do you think Fox needs another show, especially one that isn’t produced by Seth Mcfarlane?

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