“The Boondocks” Season 4

The Boondocks Season 4 Confirmed

Boondocks Is Back In Production!

Cartoon Network have sensationally renewed popular cartoon series “The Boondocks” for its 4th Season.

Most Fans believed that Season 3 spelled the end for the show, especially after how the season ended. But in an incredible U-Turn Cartoon Network and Series creator Aaron McGruder will join forces again to bring us “The Boondocks” Season 4.

Season 3 Ratings

Season 3 was drawing upwards of 2 million viewers per episode and premiered to over 2.5 million viewers. In what has been a smash hit animated Comedy, “Boondocks” fans have not had it easy. Between Season 2 and 3 there was a 2 year hiatus. The show also won a Peabody award.

Comic-Con 2011 Holds The Answers

During Comic-Con 2011 Voice casting Director Andrea Romano spilled the beans on the return to production for Boondocks.When asked about Season 4 she had this to say:

They’re making new ones – I just got word they’re gonna make another season. Can you believe it? After all this time. It’s been out of production for almost two years…The line producer sent me an email and said ‘I believe it’s snowing in hell – do you know what that means?’ and I said, ‘Are we making more episodes?’ Because we all said ‘It’ll snow in hell before we make more,’ because we just never thought after that much time they would [make it]. But apparently there is a fanbase desire and I love the show. I love making the show.

There you have it, crack open that champagne and get celebrating. I’ll be glad to see Robert Freeman getting another glass of his daily Vitamin C, unfortunately no one knows when Boondocks Season 4 is going to air.

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Voice Actor John Witherspoon Confirms S4

John Witherspoon the voice of Grandad has also confirmed the production of Season 4. John also dropped the bombshell that instead of the 15 episodes per Season fans can expect 20 episodes in Season 4.

Now Boondocks has a 4th Season do you think it will Continue onto its 5th and 6th Season?

Check out the Video Below to See what “Grandad” had to say:


5 Minutes of “Black Dynamite” Cartoon Pilot

Black Dynamite

You Dig

Black Dynamite has arrived and he’s big, bigger than you can imagine (you’ll get it when you watch the vid). Adult Swim’s newest cartoon series, an adaptation of the cult film “black Dynamite”, has finally arrived

Check out this 5 minute video of the first ever black Dynamite Cartoon and see what all the fuss is about, you will not be disappointed

If your one of the unlucky people who cannot watch the video then pray to your God you can find it somewhere else because this is one show you don’t want to miss.

Dear foreign people — I’m about 95% certain you’re not going to be able to watch this video, and thus, I weep for you.

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Win Aqua Team Hunger Force DVD Set

Competition Time

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Adult Swim “Superjail” Season 3

Christy Karacas Wants Season 3

Adult Swim “Superjail” Season 3

Christy Karacas Creator of Adult swims most psychedelic show “Superjail” has recently confirmed that he wants to continue working on the show and is looking to make Season 3

When is Season 3 Released?

Production hasn’t official started on Season 3 as of yet (July 2011), but “Superjail” creator Christy Karacas gave the firm impression that he and his team where fully on board with the idea and couldn’t wait to get started

Interview Curtsey of StayToonedIn.com

We’re hoping to start season three as soon as possible

Read the Full Christy Karacas Interview Here

Season 2

Although many fans felt that Season 2 started to sway away from the psychedelic violence and gore that was the shows signature during Season 1 Christy Karacas was feeling confident about Season 3

I think season 3 would be the best season of Superjail! yet.

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Funny Moments from “Superjail”

No Network Confirmation Yet

Besides Christy Karacas confidence that Season 3 will be the best yet Adult Swim have given no indication that Superjailwill get a 3rd Season.

However with a solid fan base and the fact that the show is so unique you can be quietly confident that Superjail Season 3 will be hitting your screens sometime soon.

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Exclusive Interview: Christy Karacas Creator of “Superjail”

Exclusive Interview: Christy Karacas Creator of “Superjail”


Christy Karacas Creator of Adult swims most psychedelic show “Superjail” speaks to us at StayToonedIn about his Show, giving his honest opinions on Season 2 and he speaks about upcoming projects.

Interview Responses from Christy Karacas

Are there plans to continue making Superjail after Season 2?

That is up to the network but I hope so!

Can the fans of Superjail expect anymore reoccurring characters in Season 2 like Lord Stingray?

Yes, of course.

There’s talk on the forums that Superjail season 2 is focusing too much on storyline rather than the violence and gore that fans become accustom to in the first season. What do you make of the new direction? Is it a step forward?

No matter what you do, people are going to criticize it. If it stayed exactly the same people would have complained and if it changes, people complain. We just try to make the best, most crazy interesting thing we can.

I love seasons one and two. Making things is a process. You try things and you learn things. You take chances.

We knew that our writing/story/character development was the weakest thing about the show and we tried to address that. I think we did a great job.

If we get a third season, I’d love to combine the psychedelic randomness and violence of season one and the character development/storytelling of season two. If we did that, I think season 3 would be the best season of Superjail! yet.

Are Christy Karacas / Stephen Warbrick working on any new Shows? Are any details available

We’re hoping to start season three as soon as possible. I think Steve’s working on a horror movie and I’m working on a new idea that’s too new to know what it really is yet…

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Superjail: “The Budding of the Warbuxx

Watch the latest episodes of Superjail at Adult Swim or catch them on TV every Sunday at 12 p.m.

Want More from Christy Karacas? Read An Exclusive Interview with his Band Cheeseburger, where he talks about how to Get Your Songs on TV. Click the link below

Exclusive Interview with Christy Karacas Party Band Cheeseburger

Exclusive Interview with Party Band Cheeseburger

Super Jail Theme Musicians Talk to Stay Tooned In

Cheeseburger who are currently signed to Adult swim label Williams street records and produced the theme song for the animated comedy Super Jail entitled “Coming Home” talk Stay Tooned In about their inspirations, crazy nights and future projects.

Stay Tooned In Interview. Responses from Christy Karacas

For those not familiar with cheeseburger how would you describe your sound in new album “Another Big Night Down The Drain”?

Rock and roll party music.

Cheeseburger has garnered comparisons to the Stooges and the Dickies do you think you share a similar sound?


Who or what influences the band?

Rock and roll music, beer, good times, getting wasted, comedy

How has this album progressed from your first?

Well, we were originally a three piece. Now we have bass and an additional guitar so there’s a bigger, more polished sound. Since the record came out we have a total of three guitars, bass and drums so the live shows are sounding pretty rad.

Are there any personal favourite songs on the album?

Depends on my mood. I’m really into ‘Roll Like That’ lately.

What was the process you had go through to your album released through Adult Swim label – Williams Street Records?

Get them really drunk and stoned and trick them into signing us. They had the munchies from all the partying and they thought they were signing the bill for a big sack of White Castles.

Are there any tips you can share on how an aspiring band/ artist can get their songs on a show like Superjail?

Get a show then just put your own band on there. Haha. Just Kidding. I guess work really hard, record your stuff and get it out there any way you can?

It’s probably kind of hard… I think a lot of it is timing and luck so if you have a dream don’t ever give up.

Would you consider putting your music on another show if given the chance?

Of course.

Are there any big live performances coming up that your fans need to know about?

Friday, June 3rd at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Then Sled Island Festival in Calgary on June 24, 11pm (3rd of 4) at The Legion (upstairs) w/ Hunx and His Punx, Shannon and the Clams, Invasives, June 25, 11pm (headline) at Vern’s w/ Bare Wires, Young Ones, Camp Radio June 26, time TBA at Republik w/ Thee Oh Sees, The BellRays, Bare Wires, Demon’s Claws

Question from Explosivo_420 (adult swim forum): As a party band how many parties have you played? Are they any super wild stories that you can share? Also do you need a bass player? I’m totally available.

We’ve played a milllion parties. Good times. We had these two fans in LA come to our hotel room after the show to party. They were really nice – then out of no where they come out in bathrobes and get totally naked. They were trying to get everyone naked…but the boyfriend was like this HUGE wrestler type dude. So it was kind of scary, but they were nice and left…but yea…that was kind of nuts…Thanks for the offer but we got a bass player-but if he gets too drunk to play you can jump on stage. Where do you live?

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Want more from Cheeseburger?

Want More from Christy Karacas Read An Exclusive Interview about “SuperJail”, Click this link: Exclusive Interview: Christy Karacas Creator of “Superjail”

Be sure to get a copy of their sophmore album Another Big Night Down The Drain and Stay Tooned In to Super Jail on Adult Swim.

Get a feel of the music with the CheeseBurger Sound Cloud. Enjoy some of their songs and be sure to get it on itunes.

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Aqua Unit Patrol Squad “Freedom Cobra”

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad Season 8 Episode 4

“Freedom Cobra”

“Freedom Cobra” is the 4th episode of Season 8 of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

Master Shake gets himself a tattoo that is alive and controls his actions. “Freedom Cobra” is Due to air on Adult Swim on the 5th of June. Check Back for episode Images and Promo Videos

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