How Gears of War Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended: God of War

Kratos has some anger issues 

Kratos traversed the Desert of Souls, bested the deadly traps of Pandora’s Temple and then TOTALLY wasted Ares to become God of War… but why stop there? If you’ve wondered how Kratos’s journey SHOULD have ended, watch this and realize it actually never should have in the first place!


Dirty but Innocent Cartoons in Sexual Innuendos Montage

There’s nothing more awkward than watching cartoons with your parents.

There comes a time when your watching TV with the family and all seems well but wait somethings not right with what you just saw.

Little Mermaid Priest Subliminal Messages

Cartoons are not as subliminal as we thought

College Humor Animation brings another cartoon entitled Sexual Innuendos In Cartoons Montage. See and hear the things you never noticed as a child, there’s so many that I can’t believe I never saw this – was I that innocent? Were you ? If so what happened?

Enjoy…I know you will

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Dick Figures Returns – Season 3 Trailer

Mondo Media – Dick Figures

Dick Figures Is Back!

The all conquering Dick Figures returns with Season 3 and it sure to be a smash hit. Dick Figures  is now official Youtubes most watched Animated Series racking up an impressive 10 million views in the month of August alone.

With season 3 just around the corner you can expect Dick Figures to continue onwards and upwards and become the biggest thing on the internet since Happy Tree Friends

Mondo Media have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Season:

Prepare your face for melting! Dick Figures returns with the 1st of 10 all-new episodes on Thursday, September 22nd!

YouTube Sensation – Simons Cat

Simons Cat

158,276,853 Million Views So Far!

This particular Youtube series has taken the internet by storm. Combining two of the internets favourite things: Cats and Animation.

Quiet easily the most popular show ever where the main character is a cat. The show amasses millions of view each episode and has had a total of 158,276,853 upload views to date.

If you haven’t watched Simons Cat before then be sure to join the millions of people who enjoy the show.


Simon’s Cat is a charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with Simon. I know theres not much to it but this is a great Youtube show, Enjoy the latest episode “Cat and Mouse”

Dick Figures Now Number 1 Toon on YouTube

Dick Figures Reaches Number 1

Mondo Medias original online series Dick Figures has become the number 1 Animated Show on YouTube, having generated 10 million views in the month of August.

Written, directed and voiced by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller, the series follows two dysfunctional stick figure friends and the hilarious escapades caused most often by their poor decisions

Season 3

Season 2 has just come to an end with the epic music video created by fans of the show. Season 3 is due to kick off September 22nd.

John Evershed, CEO of Mondo Media had this to say about the series:

“A new TV episode of South Park typically attracts 3 million U.S. viewers … Dick Figures is already doing 10 million views per month (worldwide) and it on a trajectory that will surpass our first hit online series, Happy Tree Friends

We’re Cops

Check out “We’re Cops” from Season 2 of Dick Figures

Political Leaders Throughout the Ages Apologize for Sexual Misconduct

Political Figures In Sex Scandals in College Humor Vid

College Humor

College Humor Animation have released a new video short showing many prominent figures through the ages being forced to resign over Sex Scandals.

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Dorkly: Smash Bros. Meets Mortal Kombat

Dorkly Bits

Smash Bros. Meets Mortal Kombat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The ESRB may have to reevaluate their rating.

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