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College Humor’s Results

The top spot for the best TV Comedy of all time has been discussed, battled and raged about over many years.

College Humor decided to end all the talk and put it to a vote. Fans of the site had a chance vote for The Best TV Comedy Of All Time. The results didn’t throw up many shocks, all your favourites are included, minus a few english classics.

What will not come as much as a surprise is that the top 2 best TV comedies of all time are 2 animations, yep no actors needed. Legendary shows The Simpsons and South Park Hit the number 1 and 2 spot respectively.

The People’s Top 5

5. Family Guy

The King of the Cutaway, Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy is so funny that it played a joke on Fox by being canceled and making DVD money after the fact. Some people don’t like the non sequitur style of the famous Family Guy gags, but those people just remind me of the time I was locked in a monkey cage in Venezuela with Gary Busey.

4. The Office

There’s nothing like relaxing after a long day at the office by watching people in an office, and there’s nothing more American than taking something from Britain and making it our own. The U.S. version of the The Office pays homage to the classic original, but ultimately finds its own voice, which is definitely a feat worthy of a seat so high on our list.

3. Futurama

Getting accidentally frozen cryogenic-style and waking up in a future where Katey Segal is a one eyed babe is every slacker’s fantasy, and Futurama is the vehicle that lets us live that dream! I mean, who doesn’t want to be best friends with a hard-drinking robot or have pets that poop dark matter? Yea the future sure does look great. Unless of course you live in New York… Enjoy your mutanthood…

2. South Park

Who knew that the crappy cardboard paper you used to play with in preschool could make you millions? Like The Simpsons before it, South Park showed us what animated humor could be if it were on cable. Barf humor and anal probes propelled the series (and its network) to super star status. We now live in a world where we can say “shit” on basic cable. South Park did that.

1. The Simpsons

The Simpsons has come a long way from its roots as a short on The Tracy Ullman Show, as it gears up to enter its 23rd season. This house of Homer is both an animation and comedy institution. In fact, The Simpsons was a major influence for most of the shows on this list. I mean, c’mon. How many shows have had a catchphrase included in the freaking dictionary?

Image Credit  Fox Comedy, Central  

Vote For Your Favourite

It’s great to see the top 5 dominated by 4 animated comedies. So the questions we pose to you is what is your favourite Animated Comedy?

You have a choice of Family Guy, Futurama, South Park and The Simpsons.

EW argues the case.

College Humor’s results put The Simpsons as number one. Over at Entertainment Weekly things got a bit heated. Even StayToonedIn writer Peter Bakare has his say

Out of the 4, It would have to be South Park! The Simpsons have over 20 seasons and to keep up the level is impressive but if you had to be honest with yourself when was the last time The Simpsons actually made you laugh continuously throughout the episode?

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Top 10: Rise of the Planet of the Cartoon Apes

Top 10 Cartoon Apes to rule the Planet

Time to make like a banana and leave

Here’s some food for thought. You have a range of Monkeys ranging from Orangutans to Gorillas raging through the city, but normal monkeys are not the ones to be afraid of – it’s the Cartoon Monkeys that cause all the trouble! list the Top Ten Cartoon Monkeys that would rise and rebel to create the Planet of the Cartoon Apes.


Rafiki is a mandrill hybrid who serves as an advisor to the Lion King. Since Ahadj ruled the Pridelands, Rafiki served as an advisor to Mufasa and even Scar so he is not to be taken lightly.

Coming up against a human, who knows what sort of magic he would use against you.

9.Evil Monkey

The name says it all. Chris Griffin has lived in fear for countless seasons while being tormented. The monkeys have it all planed out, while you run home in fear and lock the door behind you – run under your covers you think you’re in the clear. But lurking in that closet is the Evil Monkey waiting to pounce.

They only lucky thing for you is that the Evil Monkey was killed by the Evil Stewie Griffin, but I’m sure he’s still in their waiting for you to drop your guard.

8.Mr Teeny

Side kick of the famous Krusty the Clown  from The Simpson’s, I can honestly say it looks like he will drop dead at any time. He’s accustomed to the fast life with chain-smoking and booze binges a staple of his partying diet. I don’t know how monkey’s age but he’s not got long left; exactly why you should fear him all the more.

A man who has nothing to lose is unbeatable, a monkey that has nothing to lose , well just run!! Good luck with that, he has skates on too.

7.Stoopid Monkey

You may not recognize this monkey but it’s the logo behind the stop motion comedy Robot Chicken. Just because it’s called Stoopid Monkey doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to get you. Remember the Rise of the Planet of the Apes erupted into a riot because a monkey was called Stoopid constantly.

Not to mention the fact that most of Robot Chickens humor comes from shock value violence, what does that tell you about the Stoopid Monkey now?

6.Donkey Kong

First of, do you know how strong a Gorilla is? Not to give you a science lesson but an adult gorilla’s upper body strength is six times more powerful than an adult human. Meaning Donkey Kong is packing some serious bone breaking muscles.

Don’t forget that he’s use to chasing Mario all over the place, getting on the bad side of Donkey Kong will result in more than bananas being split.


By the time you’ve flipped out the Pokedex to see what’s coming at you, it would have been too late.

This Pokemon is known for going berserk – Good luck trying to capture him with a pokeball! Throwing a ball at it would probably make it angrier. I’m pretty sure that it would riot in the streets without the other rebellious apes.

4.Mojo JoJo

Stop now if you’re thinking- he gets beaten up by three schoolgirls constantly because I’m sure many would be beaten up by anyone who uses chemical X.

Mojo Jojo is hardcore evil. With he’s intelligence, the mad scientist simian will launch great war tactics that will rival even the greatest in the human armed forces.

3.Super Monkey

Now if this isn’t Caesar twin I don’t know who is. Super Monkey is Dexter’s caged monkey, who often gets experimented on in Dexter’s Laboratory. Sound familiar? Caesar wants to over throw the world, while Monkey works for a secret global agency but if you get on the wrong side of the flying, super strength, laser shooting monkey all hell will break loose.

2 + 1 Goku and Vegeta

Goku and Vegata!! Goku AND Vegeta. Why the need to say it twice – well there’s two of them!! These two wild monkeys are Saiyans, a monkey type race that are born for ruthless battles.

If they are not scouting the universe taking over planets with high speed punches and kicks- equipped with the ability to shoot concentrated atom bomb energy beams out of the hands, they are in the gym working out at 100 times the earth’s gravity. All of this in stage one of their transformations. The Goku and Vegeta you see now are at Super Saiyan 4.

If you still can’t imagine the force they bring it’s rumoured that Goku alone could defeat Superman!

What Can Be Done to Save Us?

Read over at Dead Homer’s Society for a great Readers Digest Edition entitled Getting Off the Planet of the Apes. If you’re thinking to yourself – “This is my planet I aint going nowhere!” Then I would tell you two things; one you just said a double negative and two call this man to help you.

Troy Mclure

The Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

Top 5 Simpsons Episodes

Chosing the Top 5 Simpsons episodes of all time is some task. We have the choice of hundreds of episodes that span over 22 Seasons. In no particular order here are StayToonedIn 5 top Simpson Episodes

“Cape Feare” – Season 5

Cape Feare features Sideshow Bob one of my favourite ever characters, not least because he is voiced by Kelsey Grammer. The singular incompetence of Springfield police chief Clancy Wiggum is at the fore of this parody, when the Simpson family are relocated as part of the witness protection program. Clown turned criminal Sideshow Bob returns to Springfield, swearing revenge on Bart, whose testimony sent him to jail. This leads Sideshow Bob and Bart to a final showdown on a houseboat. Bart is only saved when his last request before dying is to hear Sideshow Bob sing the entire score to H.M.S.  Pinafore. Another moment from this episode is the extended ‘rake gag’ that was inserted to fill space in a too-short script has become one of the best-loved slapstick sequences ever.

“Bart The Daredevil” – Season 2

Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s personal favourite episode that portrays Homer as a father who tries his best, fails, and then redeems himself. Inspired by Evil Knievel type Lance Murdock after a visit to a monster truck show, Bart wins the admiration of his peers with a series of increasingly dangerous skateboard stunts. His crowning achievement, though, a leap across Springfield Gorge, is prevented by Homer. What do you get if you have Homer, a skate board and a huge gorge that Homer mistakenly jumps? The answer, a hilarious slapstick scene where Homer attempts and fails to jump over a gorge. Causing himself to fall of the cliff resulting in seemingly endless series of injuries.

“Mr Plow” – Season 4 

Against all the odds Homer manages to come up with a winning business idea. But his snow plow business is so successful, his friend Barney starts one, too and the two become bitter rivals. Barney wins out, in part because of a cracking TV jingle sung in English and in Spanish by country star Linda Ronstadt. Competition between the two boils over, but in the end, their friendship proves to be more important than money. What makes this episode stand out from the crowd is the jingle Homer creates for his late-night commercial… “Call Mr. Plow, That’s my name, That name again, Is Mr. Plow?”

A Fish Called Selma – Season 7

This episode focuses on seldom used Simpsons character ‘Troy Mclure’, who normally only appears in educational films that Bart is forced to watch. Through a series of improbable events, Troy marries Selma following advice from his agent. When Selma discovers that Troy only married her to deflect adverse press gossip about a mysterious sexual escapade involving a fish. Troy then coins the magical line that he will make her “the envy of every other sham wife in town”. With oddball one-liners like that how can this not make the list. However the real highlight of this episode are the musical numbers. Troy McClure stars in Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off! It goes a little like this: “I hate every ape I see, From chimpan-a to chimpan-zee.”

“Who Shot Mr Burns” Part 1 & 2 – Season 6/ Season 7

In what may come as a surprise to most, we have included this wonderful dual episode of the Simpson. Too date it is still the only two part episode featured on the show. Springfield Elementary School strikes oil, but Mr. Burns steals it and at the same time brings misery to many of Springfield’s citizens. The first part has a cliffhanger ending where Mr. Burns is shot by an unidentified assailant. In the second part, Springfield’s police try to find the culprit, with their main suspects being Waylon Smithers and Homer Simpson. The episode mimicked the Dallas episode known as “Who Shoot JR”. The 2 part episode caused wide spread debate that got fans talking on the internet like never before and that is why Who Shot Mr Burns makes it in the Top 5

Click To Read More – Simpsons Quotes

Jokes Per Minute Chart

We’re sure you’ve noticed that none of the above episode are from after Season 7. This should come as no surprise to Simpsons fans, as Season 2 through 7 are widely regarded as the best. That’s not to say the 14 Seasons after are no good it’s just hard to continue being exceptional after so many epsiodes… Check out this handy chart that lists the jokes per minute for each Season upto season 12.

Chart from BannedINDC (of Reddit)

6 Become a Millionaire Tips, from the Richest Cartoon Characters

So you want to be a Millionaire?

Everyone dreams of earning millions; sitting on a yacht floating away in the Caribbean sipping on peanut coladas. But the question is how do you get to that stage? Here’s some advice from the richest cartoon characters around.from the animated world for their top tips to become a millionaire.

1. Wile Coyote – Invest

Didn’t think Wile had any money? Well how do you think he buys all those Acme products, he certainly doesn’t leave his money in the bank getting next to nothing in interest. Investing your money can yield big returns especially if you invest in a big company like Acme, you’ll be well on your way to catching that dam bird- I mean making a million.

2. Bruce Wayne – Rob a Bank.

Bruce Wayne here or you may know me as the Cape Crusader, the Dark Knight with a handy utility belt. How do you think I pay for all of those gadgets? My corporation? Ha no way. Think about it, I stop on average of 3 bank robberies a week and you think I’m not going to sneak a couple bags of money out with me? If you want to make a million seize the opportunities that are there.

3. Lex Luthor – Set Yourself Goals

I want to do one thing! Destroy Superman. Crush the boy blue with fragile little green rock and I will stop at nothing to do it. Sure I have the money to do it but I guarantee you’ll be better of setting yourself  goals that will push you to the limit. You’ll be well on your way to making that green stuff.

4. C. Montgomery Burns – Own a Franchise

I own a the Springfield Isotopes. They may not win every game but we have a strong following of imbeciles coming to each game, buying merchandise making me money. It’s easy to do, just buy a franchise and watch the money role in. Exceeellennt.

5. Scrooge McDuck – Every Penny Counts

Save your pennies. Save your pennies. Save your pennies. You do this for life and you will have no friends, but you will be loaded! Loaded enough to swim in a room full of money. Just don’t get stitched up with looking after your nephews. Money hungry lil-

6. Carter Pewterschmidt – Hang around Douche Bags

Skull and Bones Society. Ahh a fine place where the most powerful men in the world are groomed for the future. Every president, every CEO, every douchebag named Ryan Seacrest. If you want to be rich hang around the Rich Douchebags and slowly but surely you will earn enough income for me to at least take notice of you while I get my shoes shined.

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