SuperHero Sex Moves To The Rescue

Super Heroes do it too

When the idea for came to mind, I didn’t think I’d have to take it this far to keep you ‘Tooned in’ with the life of cartoon characters!

Fred Flintstone made her bedrock using these Moves

So when Wolverine, Batman and Captain Planet are not risking their lives saving the world from evil, they take some down time.

College Humor show us the Special moves the SuperHero’s use when getting down and dirty. Alternatively you can take some advice from Ash Ketchum from Pokemon – Though, Why you would want the advice of a 10-year old boy is beyond me

If you’re interested in knowing more moves to show your spouse not saying you need but just throwing it out there. College Humor have more on Internet Sex Moves .


PICTURE: Back to the Futurama

Great Scott!!

Pokemon: My Captain America evolved into a Wartortle

Poki-Marvel WarTortle

I guess that’s why he is called the Wartortle. He’s not a Squirtle anymore. You could say it’s what Steve Rogers would look like if he was a Poke-man

Art by: AdrAlves

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Comic: Why the “Avengers” Movie won’t Work

Comic: Why the “Avengers” Movie won’t Work

Dorkly have uploaded a brilliant comic explaining why the “Avengers” film simply won’t work.

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Pokemon Chat Up Lines That Are Sure to Get the Ladies

PokeSex and PokeDating tips

Rash- Sorry Ash Ketchum made me chuckle with this image of one of his best chat up lines. I’m not sure I would use this line…again, as it failed miserably but Ash seems to have Misty so who know you guys can try it out.

Check out Dorkly for more Pokemon Chat up lines.

Spoof Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ads

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

I think They’re Running Out of Ideas For Modern Warfare

Comic From Dorkly

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Comic – Why Micky Wears Gloves – Find out why it has over 350 Facebook Likes

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Not All Cereals Need A Mascot

Not All Cereals Need A Mascot

If Boring Cereals Had Mascots

What better way to start the day other than a nice bowl of your favourite cereal?
It’s a great feeling to pour the cold milk over your corn flakes and what sells the cereal is not only the toy you get inside but the mascot that’s on the box.

Sugar Sells. Bran Flakes Doesn’t

Unfortunately this doesn’t go for every cereal, CoCo Pops- Frosties-  Sugar Puffs! They all sound exciting, who knows what shape or form the mascot will be but what would be like for the boring cereals. You got to give them a chance right? College Humor gives us a taste (you see what I did there) below of how they would look. One thing is for sure, you put these guys on a box and for sure I’m going to opt for toast in the morning.

See the rest of the mascots at!

Your favorite characters learn to think outside the back of the box.

Every story has two sides to it and what would this tale be without seeing what the mascots of the sugar filled cereals are like. My guess is as high on the sugar as the kids.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Food for thought

Maybe this is blown out of proportion, some people may like they’re bland-sorry bran flakes for breakfast and others a sweet bowl of Sugar Puffs but does a mascot really affect your decision?

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