Welcome to Stay – Tooned – In an entertainment source for News and Views on all types of Animated Comedy.

Hi there, you’ve clicked here because you were wondering what this site is about and who we are.

We are James Ling and Peter Bakare (contact us). Huge fans of animated comedy, from the early days of The Simpsons to the Launch and still growing franchise of Family Guy. We haven’t forget about the great Animated Comedy that’s on the Web either, our favourite at the moment is Dick Figures

While watching animation we learned the rules of script writing and started creating our own sketches that we wanted to animate for the web. We are currently developing an origional Comedy animation that will be launched at the same time as our new Website (Click for more Details)
StayToonedIn Created

No matter where we were we kept in touch by emailing each other funny videos or our views on the latest animated comedy to hit the Big Screens and TV. This is why Stay Tooned In was created. We now hope to give the fans of all animated comedy with a place to find all the up-to date news about their favourite shows and to be the number 1 source for all things about animated Comedy.
Remember we keep you tooned in so you-



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