‘The Simpsons’ Halloween Episode Ned Flanders is Dexter Morgan

Ned Morgan or Dexter Flanders

Ned Flanders- the most God fearing individual to be coloured yellow has had a slight change of heart.  He is not afraid to butcher a body, slice and dice it before throwing the body parts in a plastic bag to be sent floating into the depths of the sea.

Dexter Morgan Move Over

Sounds more like the makings of the serial killer Dexter right? In the new Tree House of Horror we see an intro that parodies the cool doing’s of the killer Dexter.

The Simpsons’ annual Halloween episode “Treehouse of Horror XXII”

To enjoy the diddily-dum-doodily dark side of Ned Flanders you need to check out Entertainment Weekly who have the exclusive video and since there are no ways of embedding the video you can click over to check it out. The episode airs on October 30th and will have Ned Flanders serving as the local serial killer.

The Simpsons need to do more of these intro’s – me thinks.


Dick Figures & Indiana Jones

Mondo Medias Dick Figures Pays Homage to Indiana Jones

In Episode 18 of “Dick Figures” titled “Sex Marks the Spot” Movie franchise Indiana Jones, in particular “Raiders” is paid homage to

Episode Summary

Red pulls a map from the magical Porcelain Throne, as he and Blue become the Raiders of the Lost Fart.

MTV “Beavis and Butt-head” To Return

Beavis and Butt-head Returning to MTV

Mike Judge has reveled that he will be brining his show “Beavis and Butt-head” back to its home MTV.

Fans of the original series, fear not: Beavis and Butt-Head are the same emotionally stunted man-children you remember from their 1993-1997 run on MTV.

In its previous outing Beavis and Butt-head main focus of jokes was music videos,  however in new episodes it appears that they will be branching out to MTV hits “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mum”.

You can catch the new episodes of “Beavis and Butt-Head” in October 2011. In the Mean Time check out the trailer:

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Check Out This Real Life Version of “WALL-E”

WALL-E In Real Life

Following the hugely successful film “WALL-E” back in 2008 we now have a real life version of the little robot. You may have seen other Wall-E toys that mimicked the famous character but i assure you that none will be as advanced or as likeable than this version brought to us by DJ Sures.

Watch Now – Happy Feet 2 theatrical trailer

If you’re happy and you know it tap your feet

Happy Feet 2 trailer

A brand new trailer for Warner Bros’ upcoming animated feature Happy Feet 2 is now available to watch right here at StayToonedIn.com.

Directed by George Miller and featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Pink, Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara and Hank Azaria, Happy Feet 2 opens in theatres November 18, 2011



Smurfs 3D Premiere: Katy Perry in Smurfette Dress

Katy Perry loves the Smurfberrries too

The Smurfs new movie hits theaters July 29th and the premiere of Smurfs 3D couldn’t couldn’t have been smurfed any better with Katy Perry is a Smurfette dress to impress.  More hot photos from The Smurfs World Premiere can be seen at  The Huffington Post.

Katy Perry Smurfette Dress

She can Smurf me anytime

Well if you wasn’t a Smurfs fan, you probably are now. The imagination can run wild with the what could be done- so I’ll just leave it to the ramblings of the Family Guy Smurf sketch.


Find Out What Happens When Mario Loses a Life

Mario has no more 1ups

You’ve played the game and I bet you’ve been a victim of the pits and the fire spitting plant in the tube. Take a moment and think what happens when you Mario dies?

Mario’s Death

Bless this sentimental video web comic by Brawl In The Family entitled “If It Takes A Lifetime”, which shows the chronicles in the life of Mario.  Ever wondered what happens every time he looses a life? Well check out the video and try not to shed a tear. Extra Feature: Enjoy the song by itself, as well as a montage of panels from the comic.

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