Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4

Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4

To Infinity and beyond Toy Story 3

Tom Hanks, the voice behind Sheriff Woody recently sat down with the BBC to promote his new film, Larry Crowne. But that’s not the part you want to know.

Hanks Talks Toy Story 4

During the interview Tim Muffett asks Hanks about the possibility of Toy Story 4, which he replies.

I think there will be, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think they’re working on it now. There you go.

In The Works?

Although Mr Hanks announced that there will be another movie there has been no confirmation of this from the studio behind the franchise.

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No Clues

Tom Hanks didn’t give much more away in the interview and most importantly he didn’t say if he would be reprising his role as Woody, (could there be a Toy Story Movie without him) with no further information available at this time you should bookmark our site and keep checking back for the latest updates at

Toy Story “Hawaiian Vacation”

You won’t be able to catch toy Story 4 any time soon, but in the mean time why not watch Toy Story “Hawaiian Vacation” as it follows on from Toy Story 3.

Currently being shown before screenings of Cars 2 in cinemas

All’s well that ends well

With the bittersweet tear jerking end to Toy Story 3 it seemed the perfect place to leave the trilogy.

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Spoof Call of Duty Modern Warfare Ads

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

I think They’re Running Out of Ideas For Modern Warfare

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Watch Ugly Americans Season 1 Episode 1

Season 1 Episode 1“Pilot”

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Check Out Details of Ugly Americans Season 2 Episode 1 “Wet Hot Demonic Summer”

Ugly Americans Season 2 Episode 1 “Wet Hot Demonic Summer”

Ugly Americans Returns to TV

Ugly Americans Season 2 Episode 1 “Wet Hot Demonic Summer”

Ugly Americans Season 2 will return to our screens on 30th June. You can catch the Animated Comedy on Comedy Central every Thursday from June 30th.

Wet Hot Demonic Summer

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Futurama Season 6 Returns

Futurama Season 6

Neutopia Episode 14 – Benderama Episode 15

Futurama Burst back onto our screens last night and boy did creator Matt Groening out do himself. After a prolonged break Futurama is back on our TV screens and it did not disappoint. You got your usual laughs from all the characters who where involved in the story, but as usual Bender stole the show.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central has posted full episodes of Matt Groening’s five favorite Futurama episodes. Apparently, he didn’t read our top Top 5 Futurama Episodes

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Dreamworks “Puss In Boots” Trailer

New “Puss In Boots” Trailer

As a spin-off from the massively succsessful “Shrek” Movies “Puss In Boots” has an awful lot to live up to.

You may think this film has been released purely as a money spinner, to feed the fat cats. But before you cast judgement take a look at the trailer and be prepared to laugh out loud.

I tell you this it ain’t over easy. What a line.

Puss In Boots is Due for release November 4th 2011

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