The Toughest “Simpsons” Quiz of All Time

How Bright are you? Simpsons Bright?

Simpsons Quiz for you to pick your brain with.

The Simpsons have been running since the day of dawn – for animated comedy on TV and well I know I’ve seen every episode there is and can recall every joke in an instance but am I an expert?  Better question do you think you are?

The Huffington Post have collaborated with  Carlos Cabrera and ‘Simpsons’ fanatic Alex Leo to come up with 27 of the toughest “Simpsons” questions ever.

Put your Simpsons knowledge to the test and see how much you know TV’s infamous family.



Aqua Unit Patrol Squad “Freedom Cobra”

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad Season 8 Episode 4

“Freedom Cobra”

“Freedom Cobra” is the 4th episode of Season 8 of Aqua Unit Patrol Squad (formerly Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

Master Shake gets himself a tattoo that is alive and controls his actions. “Freedom Cobra” is Due to air on Adult Swim on the 5th of June. Check Back for episode Images and Promo Videos

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Happy Feet 2 3D First Trailer

Happy Feet 2 3D First Trailer

Happy Feet in 3D

I’ve been dancing in jubilation all day and you will be as well after watching the First Trailer for Happy Feet sequel “Happy Feet 2” in 3D

Not All Cereals Need A Mascot

If Boring Cereals Had Mascots

What better way to start the day other than a nice bowl of your favourite cereal?
It’s a great feeling to pour the cold milk over your corn flakes and what sells the cereal is not only the toy you get inside but the mascot that’s on the box.

Sugar Sells. Bran Flakes Doesn’t

Unfortunately this doesn’t go for every cereal, CoCo Pops- Frosties-  Sugar Puffs! They all sound exciting, who knows what shape or form the mascot will be but what would be like for the boring cereals. You got to give them a chance right? College Humor gives us a taste (you see what I did there) below of how they would look. One thing is for sure, you put these guys on a box and for sure I’m going to opt for toast in the morning.

See the rest of the mascots at!

Your favorite characters learn to think outside the back of the box.

Every story has two sides to it and what would this tale be without seeing what the mascots of the sugar filled cereals are like. My guess is as high on the sugar as the kids.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Food for thought

Maybe this is blown out of proportion, some people may like they’re bland-sorry bran flakes for breakfast and others a sweet bowl of Sugar Puffs but does a mascot really affect your decision?

Family Guy Poster Begs for Emmy

Family Guy Begging For an Emmy?

Does Seth Macfarlane Want an Emmy? You Bet your arse he does

The Simpsons: 5 Million Viewers, Who Sit in Silence

You’re A Simpson Zombie

5 Million Viewers, Who Sit in Silence

Simpsons Zombie, That’s You

You’re watching “The Simpsons”. You sit mindlessly in front of the TV for 30 minutes, during which you don’t have a single laugh of out loud moment. Sound familiar? That’s because you have become a Simpsons Zombie. Yes it’s An Epidemic, effecting at least 5 Million people WorldWide

Under A Spell Crafted Over 20 Years Ago

You are under The Simpsons spell, which you Contracted over 20 Years ago. The Simpsons Season 2-7The Golden Years. You watched in aware, as the best ever Animated Comedy was being aired too Millions of Viewers worldwide. They have you Hook, line and sinker. The Simpsons Spell Took Control of the World, It Took Control Of You

Clip From Bart The Daredevil

Then Came The Simpsons Plague, A Disaster

Your mind-set was locked in. The Simpsons is and always will be Funny. After watching up to Season 7 who could argue with You. Season 8 and 9 air, you adjust to the slightly lower standard of Episodes. That’s when “The Simpsons” unleashed the Simpsons Plague: Seasons 10 – 22

What followed were years and years of Sub standard Simpsons Episodes: Bad jokes, Bad Writing, No punch. It turned into a Generic Comedy: Storyline here, Place Joke their, End Episode.

A Disaster, but only to the trained eye of Hardcore Fans.

Writing on The Wall

Hardcore fans could see the writing on the wall: The Simpsons was Finished! In their all-seeing eyes, “The Simspons”, would never be the same again.

Many stopped watching, others only watched periodically, none were taken in by the Simpsons Spell. Unfortunately They were in the minority

How Can You Argue Against 5 Million People

For every Hardcore fan their were 100,000 Simpsons Fans who still adored the show, watching it mindlessly in front of the TV, still telling themselves The Simpsons is Funny, its Funny, funny funny funny.

That is exactly the mentality that has kept the Simpsons Plague spreading. It’s what has kept it on TV for over 22 Seasons and counting. The Simpsons is a Powerhouse started by an animated Comedy that gained Worldwide fame, then spawned merchandise, which together created The Simpsons Franchise.

On average, Season 22 gets 5 million viewers. Proving that You are under the Simpsons Spell, which continues to conquer all.

Can This spell be Replicated?

Has It? Can It? Will It Ever?

In short Yes. But its not been done yet. Both Family Guy and South Park have tried to replicate the success shown by the Simpsons but neither has achieved it.

South Park have tried but rumours have circulated that this Season, (15) will be the last. That leaves it 7 away from the Simpsons which is still powering forward.

Family Guy is in Season 9 and will defiantly carry onto Season 10 at the very least. However Family Guy will never have the Longevity or the Worldwide impact The Simpsons achieved.

Get YourSelf Tested

Do You want to know if you are a Simpsons Zombie? Watch any Simpsons Episode from Season 10 onwards and see if you Laugh out Loud at anytime. If you don’t, I can confirm you are a Simpsons Zombie. What’s the cure? I’ll tell you another Time…

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Are You One of the 5 Million Simpsons Zombies Out There? Lets Hear what You have To Say: Comment Below

Sick Animations C’mon Scoob – So dam Funny

Sick Animations Presents

C’mon Scoob

Sick Animations

Who are Sick Animations? Are You Serious? Well we didn’t know who they where either, until we found them on Newgrounds. Sick Animation have been around for years (since 2006 on Youtube), unfortunately we have only just found them.

The Animation Is Bad

The animation is terrible, but in a good way (think South Park). What makes the shorts tick is the Scripting and Voice Acting, they are superb, not to mention the musical numbers.

When you first see the animation your first reaction will be to stop the video, but Don’t. Soon you’ll be laughing your head off. We urge you to check Sick Animation out, not convinced? Just watch Their newest animation

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