Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter: No Marvel Disney Movies

Disney Pixar and Marvel Films is a no go.

John Lasseter Chief Creative Officer of Pixar spoke about Pixar adapting Marvel comic books and the possibilty of bringing it to the big screen. In short he said there’s no chance of a team-up happening.

A Shock to us all.

Critically, financially and even aesthetically Pixar is one of the most consistently successful film studios of the era so when Disney bought Marvel Comics for $4 billion it was natural for us fans to think could there actually be the possibility of a Disney-Pixar-Marvel Hybrid? Or have just drank that bottle of cola too fast.

Let’s be honest to see IronMouse 3 even for a animated short before the real deal would be fun to see right? Well, the dreaming can come to an end, my dear readers – because the big cheese up to (no pun intended) Chief Creative Office John Lasseter recently snap us out of that cryogenic dream state saying  that there would be no Pixar/Marvel team-ups, now or in the future.

What John Lasseter had to say.

When IGN Movies discussed the possibility of Pixar/Marvel team-ups with John Lasseter, his response would send a cold shiver down any ones spine.

“No, Pixar, we are — Disney has been great. Bob Iger is phenomenal. I’m Chief Creative Officer of Disney Animation as well, and with Pixar it’s like, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing, guys.’ It’s a filmmaker-driven studio. All of the ideas come from the filmmakers themselves. Working with the filmmakers on ideas.”

Okay that’s a shame but John what about a Pixar/Marvel film? Please, pretty please!

“No, not at Pixar. We have The Incredibles, so we’ve done superheroes here ourselves and so we have that kind of history with Brad Bird doing The Incredibles.”

Incredibles vs Fantastic 4

It needs to be noted the surprising similarities between Marvels Fantastic Four and Pixars Incredibles- Maybe it’s a glimpse of the future.

Pixar are an original franchise

Ah okay, fair enough there. It would have been nice to see that collaboration and maybe years down the line we may see it. The good news is, we are not going to have out eyeballs filled to the rim full of  unoriginal franchise movie plots.

Pixars should remain its own world, Incno criss-crossing, no mish-mashing of other franchises but I’m not going to leave it there.

That wouldn’t be fun so I introduce to you Disney and Marvel Mash Up’s from Worth 1000.

Marvel/Disney Hybrids

When cartoon worlds collide.

See more at Worth 1000

Pokemon Dream World Made a Reality

Things I didn’t notice about Pokemon

Nintendo’s 2011 Pokemon World Championship Tournament

I was over at ToonBarn reading up on the Pokemon World Champs and was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of serious players going for the actual title that Ash Ketchum has yet to accomplish of being a Pokemon Master and was taken back to the past.

Players come together and pit themselves against one another with their Pokemon in an all out tournament. It was something I dreamed about when I played on the Gameboy Pocket but never had the chance to do. I felt even some what betrayed at the new Pokemon that exist today. Again I was taken back.

Back to the days where I played the first Gen of Pokemon. Blue and Red not Fire Red, just Red and I’m actually astonished at the combinations of Pokemon you can get now. It was once a water type, grass type and the occasional combinations but nothing of the sort today in Pokemon Black and White. I’m sure there were lethal mixes such as water and fire type- okay that’s deeply exaggerated but it goes to show what kind of battle they can have.

Pokemon Dreams

Now on the newest generation which introduces the Pokemon Dream World, which allows players to send a Pokémon to the internet to obtain items and meet other Pokémon. This was what I dreamed off. Digimon had the idea when they were sent into the digital world and I’d always hoped Pokemon would have that capability.

Personally I wouldn’t dare enter the championship or yet the  dream world and pit my skills to the test, between you and me I was what you would call a druggie- No I didn’t do drugs but my Pokemon were so pumped up with rare candy that their sugar levels would make even Mr. Wonker himself gasp.

Come to think about it my biggest battles now are Facebook while trying to write a blog post and even the sneaky tweet here and there. This video shows my day to day Pokemon Style Battle troubles let alone having my Pokemon in the red with 12 HP left and no Super Potions to boast.

Things I didn’t notice.

Take a deep breath, it’s just a game. Who am I kidding it’s a childhood, Pokemon served me well but there are something I just didn’t notice like-

How did they fit in the balls?

Sure if it was an Electrode , even a Graveller it would be fine but squeezing a Rhyhorn in there, no way.

Why Couldn’t All Pokemon With Wings Fly?

Scyther , I’m sure those things are classified as wings, yet it wasn’t possible. If you wanted to get technical about it then how in the world is a Pidgey supporting all that weight.

Battles on the water

Okay they should make a rule of water Pokemon only or at least Pokemon who know how to use surf. The Comic explains why.

Pokemon Dreams become a reality

Pokemon was surely a game that I cannot forget and a series that will not be lost in memory but my time with it was long dusted away after Gold and Silver. With all the new features coming out , someone out there right now is probably dreaming of things Pokemon Black and White could do but can’t and they soon will be writing a post on how much it’s moved on. Let’s be honest the Pokemon empire is not going to fall short any time soon so any Pokemon Dream can be made a Reality.

Maybe you have what it takes details of Nintendo’s 2011 Pokemon World Championship Tournament at ToonBarn.

Good Luck!

Ms. Pac-Man’s Terrible Secret – CollegeHumor Video

She’s got some ghosts in her closet. Watch “Ms. Pac-Man’s Terrible Secret” and more funny videos on CollegeHumor

I got nothing against Pacman. What he or she wants to do in his or her spare time is up to him or her. Phew that was a hard one to get out (no pun intended).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kate Middleton: Royal twitter Updates

Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

What Kate Middleton Might of been saying on Twitter

Click The Image to enlarge

Quagmire’s Inferno: Best Quagmire Quote

Myspace heard it from the horses mouth

Glen Quagmire is neighbor that you hope to never have. From the quotes that border on curiosity to those that just make you question how he passed Megan’s Law, Quagmire is one dirty old man. You thought Dante’s Inferno was bad, wait until you step into the depths of hell that are Quagmire’s Inferno. Let’s face it though, Family Guy would not be the same without him!

William and Kate Invited Cars 2 the Royal Wedding List

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Cars 2

The Royal Wedding Sneak Peak Cars 2 Preview

The revealing of the Queen and Prince Wheeliam as new Car-actors (Characters) in the highly anticipated Disney Pixar Cars 2 is no surprise as the Royal Wedding takes place. They have released an Exclusive Royal Sneak Peek of Cars 2 to celebrate.


Meet the British Car-actors (Characters)

Get to see how they look and feel. Each one is on the wedding list for the Royal Wedding but there’s one person missing! Kate The Bride but I guess it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding so Pixar can be let off.

Visit  Upcoming Pixar to get the character description and who they are voiced by.

Superjail Season 2 episode 5 Gay Wedding

Superjail Episode 5 “Gay Wedding”

Adult Swim Episode Summary

Two inmates, Jean and Paul, decide to take their relationship to the next level and get married in the romantic halls of Superjail! When the Warden learns of the plans, he and Alice intervene, taking over the finer details of the wedding with excitement and fervor. However, things go awry when the bachelor party they planned provides Paul with an opportunity to engage in questionable relations with a male stripper. When Jean catches him in the act, he angrily throws his ring at him and declares their relationship over. The Warden is appalled at his plans being foiled, and declares that he will try to help the former lovers reignite their “spark.” When Jean and Paul by chance end up in next-door bathroom stalls to take care of other business, Jean realizes Paul is next door, and they make up with each other by exchanging sweet words, renewed vows, and more through a glory hole. The Warden, Alice, and Jailbot meanwhile watch above the stalls, pronouncing Jean and Paul officially married. The newlyweds ride off in a makeshift carriage with the sentiment “Just Gaymaryed” painted on the back.  Air Date – May 1st Midnight.


Adult Swim have released the new promo clip for upcoming Superjail episode “Gay Wedding”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out previous episode “Hot Chick” and our article about Party Band “Cheeseburger” who created the Superjail Theme song

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