Family Guy’s Brian Griffin Hijacks Myspace with his Top 10 Favorite Movies

Family Guy take over Myspace.

It seems after Peter Griffin’s interview feature in Men’s Health Magazine that wasn’t enough for The Griffin’s. Family Guy hijacks Myspace with plenty of features to keep you occupied. A whole page dedicated to one of the most famous animated comedy families to hit our screens is all over our screens -again but on the web.

Brian Griffin’s Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time

Brian Griffin is a dog. A dog with very refined tastes and encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture. So it’s natural that Brian would have strong opinions on the greatest movies of all time, even if the list is a bit eclectic.

Check it out:

I would have expected All Dogs go to Heaven or at least the classic Lady and the Tramp but there’s no animations in the list so I guess it’s live action only. Brian can be let off.


SNEAK PEAK:Family Guy “Brothers & Sisters”

April 17th episode, “Brothers & Sisters”, images have been released by FOX


When Mayor West marries Lois’ sister, Carol, they move into the Griffin’s house to be one big “happy” family. To make room for everyone, Stewie is bumped out of his room and takes over Chris’ room, but not everyone is annoyed by the change. Peter and Mayor West bond and become best friends.

Dorkly, Gritty Mario Bros: Kong Country

We’re not In Mushroom Kingdoom any More!

What do you get if you mix Mario with Grand Theft Auto Violence, you get Kong Country. Brought to you by THE GAME STATION and directed by THE COUNTRY CLUB we bring you a 2 part Youtube Masterpiece.

Part 1 Mario Bros. Movie Trailer | The Game Station Exclusive!

Part 2 Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country | The Game Station Exclusive!


FX Renews “Archer”, Plans another Animation Comedy

Archer Renewed for Season 3

FX’s president John Landgraf announced a third-season renewal for Archer. The animated comedy has received a 16-episode order, with three episodes slated to run behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia in the fall and the rest airing in early 2012.

Another Animation for FX

FX is planning to launch a sixth comedy animation series for early 2012, with Townies as a strong candidate. Towines centers on two earnest yet misguided 15-year-old best friends who have no parental supervision, and they are left to raise themselves through the most awkward years of their lives.

Pixars Monsters Inc. Prequel Titled Monsters University!

Pixars Monsters Inc. 2 – Monsters University

At this year’s CinemaCon event in Las Vegas, Disney announced the official title replacing Monsters Inc.

Monsters University!

The prequel not the Sequel

In turn, the studio also indirectly confirmed the plot of Pixar’s 2012 prequel to the popular 2001 film. Monsters University reportedly follows Mike and Sulley way back in their college days. The word is that the inseparable duo had quite the rivalry at the University of Fear.

Monsters University is set to premiere exactly 10 years after the excellent original, on November 2, 2011.

Dorkly: The Mushroom King

Dorkly Bits: The Mushroom King

Thought you had a bad potential father in law? Well take a minute to think how Mario is going to deal with The Mushroom King.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Thank you, father! But our respectable suitor is in another castle.”


SNEAK PEAK : Concept Art for Pixar’s “Brave”

Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios and Pixar have released several new concept art images from Brave, Pixar’s thirteenth feature and their first to star a female protagonist.


The Scottish Highlands is the films set where the unruly princess Merida defies a sacred custom of the land and inadvertently brings discord down upon her father’s kingdom. Which is never a good thing so in an attempt to make things better she sets out on a quest for an old Wise Woman who will grant her a wish.

There have been changes in the lead voice such as  the replacement of Reese Witherspoon with Scottish actress Kelly McDonald in the role of the heroine, Merida, due to scheduling conflicts interfering with the former’s involvement.

Brave opens in theaters June 22, 2012.

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