Futurama 100th Episode Season 6 finale

A mutant Revolution marks Futurma’s milestone of 100 episodes.

Larry: You know I’m happy for Fry and the rest of the gang. The show has been through so many ups and downs. With cancellations and straight to DVD movies. The guys have got their work recognized with a milestone to be proud of.

Ed: Yeah You’ve got a point there. This episode also marked the season 6 finale right?

Larry: Yep. In this episode entitled The Mutants are Revolting. You get it? Ha I love that. The Planet Express crew are asked to make thier 100th delivery. The crew attend a fun raiser while Bender parties hard, at the event Fry accidentally reveals Leela as a mutant illegally living amongst overs above ground. She is then banished to the sewers, feeling guilty for his actions Fry and the rest of the gang join the mutants epic revolution against the surface dwellers.

Ed: Sounds good to me. You know I’ve always wondered who is dummer. Peter, Homer, Fry or Larry?

Larry: Larry? Who’s Larry?

Ed: …Nevermind.


What a Cartoon thinks of highest Grossing film Toy Story.

Ed’s views on Buzz and Woody in Highest grossing film Toy Story

Ed:  You know I can’t believe how well Buzz and Woody have done for themselves. Who knew a Galactic Spaceman and a Cowboy would be involved in the highest grossing animated film. Since opening in mid June it has grossed in $920 million. I am a great fan Disney Pixar for the work they are giving to us characters and this computer-animated family comedy is the second Disney movie to cross over the $400 million mark.
Woody is fortunate to have someone like Buzz by his side since the first Toy Story which was amazingly 15 years ago. I think I was still a sketch back then when it was released.
Larry: Aww such a touching moment. You know I heard that Toy Story 4 may be in the works, Woody Allen has signed for it but there’s no green light….Not saying much Edd? Ahh you must of enjoyed seeing your heroes in action, you know what here’s a little Fan made Toy Story Stop motion for you and the people out there to enjoy. Don’t ever say I was never nice to you Edd.

You got a friend in me.

Larry: Wow still not a word from Edd. Did Toy story touch you guys that much as well?
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