Review: What a Cartoon thinks of Despicable Me.

That’s Dispicable

Runtime: 1 hr. 35 min.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Kids, Family

Ed:Larry I can’t believe it, Gru has landed himself in the feature film Dispicable Me.
Larry:Gru that middle aged old character with the pointy nose.
Ed:Erm, I don’t know how that makes sense but yeah him.
Larry:Well done to him, what’s the role like?

The Plot

Ed: The movie is set in a joyful suburban neighbourhood, you know the type
that has white picket fences, rose bushes and grass as green as Shrek’s fat Ass.
Larry: I’m sure Donkey was brown.
Ed: Funny! Anyway in the middle of all this sits ablack house with a dawn lawn. Hidden within is a secret hideout where our friend Gru appears surrounded by small minions and is planning to diploy the biggest hiet in the history of the world!
Larry: This sounds interesting he must be over the moon to get the leading role.
Ed: More than you know! He plans on actually stealing
the moon. Armed with freeze rays, shrink rays and battle armoured vehicles he will inihilate anyone who steps in his way.
Larry: Until…
Ed: Haha of course what would the story be without some
difficulty. Until he meets three little orphans who see past the villain and bring in him something no on has ever saw,
a Dad. One of the world’s greatest villains has just met one of the world’s gAreatest challenges Margo, Agnes and Edith.

Verdict?..You mean conclusion

Ed: This should be a heart warming movie that touches the kids. Not in that sense but you understand what I mean. Everyone needs a character that they love to hate but having one that you’re supposed to hate but love will give the viewing experience that extra spice.
Larry: Aren’t you sweet.
Ed: Ahhh just play the trailer.
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