New Series Larkmart from Mondo Media

Larkmart – Emergency

Ed:Hey guess I found a short from Mondo Media entitled Larkmart. This seriously reminds me of a certain annoying person but I’m not saying any names Larry.

Larry : Very funny EDD. Just where do you get your material from?


Larry: Oh yeah really mature!


Behind the scenes at the Ricky Gervais Show

See how it’s Done

Ed: The animation process can seem daunting but the results in the end seem to be worth the trouble.

If you seen the upcoming HBO Series The Ricky Gervais Show produced at W!LDBRAIN or seen some clips you can appreciate the effort that goes into creating the animated comedy. The New York Times recently published an in-depth deconstruction of the animation process behind the show.

Larry: Yeah I checked that out. Ricky wanted his character to look like Fred Flintstone.

EDD: Erm in case these guys didn’t make it clear where to see it. The link is below. Jheeze do I have to everything around here?

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