Do you what Toon News from Toons themselves?

The best way to get information is from the horses mouth right?

Larry: A horses mouth? Ew. Why not ask the jockey?
Ed: *Sigh* …Hi I’m Ed, well you could have guessed it from the part that says my name Ed.
Larry: And I’m Larry, well you could have guessed that from…wow just got some serious deja vu.
Ed: Please let me finish then you can tell your jokes. Now I’ll try again. I’m Ed and that’s Larry. We are News and Talks show host for the Stay Tooned In but the difference here is that. We are both Cartoons!

Homer Simpson is like Brad Pitt

Larry: I’ll handle this one Ed. You see as soon as you log on to Stay Tooned In you are in the cartoon world’s news, view and rant reviews from myself and Ed. Your favourite cartoon characters are like celebrities here. We interview the like of Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum to the social media’s facebook in the context of animated comedy.

Writing for Animation

Ed: Larry and I have been writing scripts together for years. Nothing has been given the green light because we are so busy with the talk show but we thought to share what we have learned in writing for animation with you. Larry I bet they think a cartoon writing for cartoons is crazy!
Larry: I don’t blame them, that’s like a human writing for a human.

What you get out of Ed and Larry on StayToonedIn

  1. Animated Comedy – News and Views.
  2. Writing for Animation tips and tricks.
  3. Rants on anything from time to time
  4. Good old banter between two cartoon characters.
  5. Every Article from a CARTOONS PERSPECTIVE!!

Ed: Nicely put I think.


Best List of Animation Scripts ever.

Ed: We’ve compiled a list of Scripts for Animation ranging from TV Series to Feature Length.
Larry: Reading through will help you by seeing what works.

By: Todd Alcott, Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz
Host Site: The Daily Script

By: Dalton Reymond, Morton Grant & Maurice Rapf
Host Site: The Daily Script

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